Bernie Sanders is a man I support & from the sound of it, so do many other people. This can’t be good. This doesn’t bode well. There are ominous storm clouds on the horizon.

I know this for a fact, I know my history, I can predict the future.

He’s a good candidate, he makes since & that is unsettling.

It won’t be long until some well meaning Gonzo wannabe starts spreading rumors that Clinton has a private addiction to ibogaine. It will start in Rolling Stone & the mainstream press & the American public will believe it for no good reason whatsoever.

I can promise that will happen, someone will do it, I might even start the rumor myself.

It could be enough to let old Bernie win the primary. But then what?

Electric Shock Therapy will be in the news once more. It’s going to be 1972 all over again & in the end, we might have a Nixon clone to kick around again.


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