So, high, I’ve been ignoring you lately, but for a good reason.

I’m totally sleeping with another blog.

Nope, she’s really not as good as all of you are, & I will get back to this once we get into a rhythm again.

At the moment the new Blog is sort of labor intensive. I have to add a post a day about history & it’s little footnotes & it has to be funny.

You see, an ex-girlfriend of mine actually was a talent scout for some media company in California & she came to me with the proposition of wealth…mediocre wealth…in the form of a history blog. For some reason she got it into her head that I’m funny & knowledgeable so she asked me to combine the two & for the first three months she wants daily posts so that she can calculate which days get the most hits.

Something about teaching the points that got me in trouble when I was teaching. Something about finding a niche for history education for people that hate history. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

The bottom line is that she threw me a pitch & I used to fuck her so I feel obligated…& I’m broke.


I just write the fucking thing, she does the management.

So, please swing by to the history blog & do a little reading & feel free to make fun of us.

But don’t worry, I will return once she limits the posts to only the days with the most hits.

The Footnotes of History


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