Any job that pays the minimum wage should be a job that requires the minimum work & produces the minimum results.

You are getting paid the absolute least, the only thing one can rationally do, then, is find the minimum wage job that demands the minimum amount of possible work.

The lowest possible pay means that the work you do should be of the lowest possible quality & be completed with the least amount of effort.

If your work is not of the lowest quality & preformed with the least amount of possible effort, you are, essentially giving away your labor. The company is not paying you to preform at such a level & you are not only robbing yourself, but you are also going against the very tenants of capitalism.

Clearly working at a factory is hard, it would be beyond foolish to work at one for minimum wage, you are robbing from yourself. The same thing goes with landscaping & any form of work that requires actual physical labor.

It is implied in minimum wage that you are preforming a minimum task. Working as a clerk at a store may be a suitable career path for minimum wage, so long as you do not provide customer service & do not go out of your way to satisfy the clients. If you finish the day with an even till you have preformed above your pay grade. If the customer leaves satisfied & in a good mood because of your service, there too you have robbed from yourself because, clearly, you have preformed above the absolute minimum.

Waiters, Cabbies, & food service workers get paid below the minimum wage, on an hourly rate, & only some of them are allowed to get tips. For the ones that are not allowed to accept tips when serving food and busing tables it should be implied that they deliver the food late & seat the patrons at dirty tables.

For cabbies & waiters that do work for tips, the amount of tip needs to be discussed in advance. If the amount results in the minimum wage for the time worked, they should preform the task at a minimum effort & drop the customer off a minimum of at least two blocks before the intended destination. For wait staff, a tip that would amount to the equivalent of a minimum wage would result in cold food that was clearly not what the customer ordered.

In fact, the only jobs that one should apply themselves to & put legitimate effort into, or at least not willfully sabotage, are jobs that pay above the minimum wage. The quality of the work that you put into any job should only be equal to the quality of the pay. For a couple of dollars above the lowest possible pay, you should point the customer in general direction, for a living wage, you should take the customer to the item, & for anything above a living wage, tell the customer to wait and fetch the item for him.

The same goes for the customer, in fact, if you follow this philosophy the customer would be more understanding of the law of supply & demand.

Clearly if he wants the hamburger he ordered to come to him correctly, he must then find an establishment that pays above the minimum wage. If he wants the correct food delivered promptly & warm the only logical conclusion would be to patron an establishment that pays well above a living wage.


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