I can’t say that I’m not sweating the unemployment thing. I have a bright & shining future for looking for a new job with probably little success. it’s nice to know that dad worked so hard to dismantle & ship abroad the jobs that grandpa worked so hard to turn into careers.

Back in the day the Baby Boomers said: “go to school kid, don’t be lazy, get a college diploma otherwise you’ll be flipping burgers your entire life.”

Now they say: “you college educated kids are so lazy you won’t even flip burgers.”

You can’t win any way you look at it, can you. My father’s generation. Those were clear & sober thinkers weren’t they.

They really hated grandpa & all the hard work he did for them. That hatred led to some crack decision. I mean, the Baby Boomers have decision making skills that are the best the world has ever seen.

Somehow they were able to blame the soldiers, for the war on Vietnam, during a draft.

It takes a LOT of anti-authority thought to blame draftees for being forced to fight a war. I mean you have to be a pretty sharp revolutionary mind to look at the people who were forced to go over seas & fight & place the blame on them. Especially, you know, when you were only a friendly letter from the government away from going yourself. They are all baby-killers & you aren’t, until you get drafted & watch your friends turn on you.

They are sharp & sober people that jumped to that conclusion & are the same people running the world today. Or rather, they are the same people that ran it into the ground.

These are also the people that, well, they sort of embraced a culture of free love & obscene drug use & morphed it into the Jesus Freak movement that later became the conservative moral majority.

You know, because that made perfect sense. Clear & logical thinkers there.

They were also the “don’t trust anyone over 30 crowd” that hit 30 & instantly morphed into the “blindly trust the oldest president in American history” crowd. Which then turned into the “Worship him like a God crowd,” meanwhile they were supporting his military buildup to potentially go to war with the Russians, having forgotten all the anti-war slogans they were shouting at the draftees when they got off the planes on their way home from Vietnam when they were all still frightened kids.

You look at the chronology & you can’t help but think that it would make for a powerful anti-drug advertisement.

But then you have to stop & remember that these same people were raised in the 1950s with a childhood & media that reinforced ultra-conservatism. Women were Donna Reed & only the rebellious Laura Petrie ever wore slacks.

Here’s where you stop & realize that Donna Reed was never funny & Laura Petrie was usually hysterical.

Humor wise, the conservatives have always seemed to lose, haven’t they? Stephen Colbert is kind of really funny & Dennis Miller was only vaguely funny back in the 90s…vaguely…on Dennis Miller Live & maybe in the 80s on SNL, but either way, you preferred Norm MacDonald’s news didn’t you? Norm gets the funny pass because, even when he fills in on Fox, he remains completely apolitical.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Norm’s homophobic you say? Give it a rest. I don’t want a greased up guy in a thong sitting on my lap either. Sorry. Would I allow the opposite sex to do it? Well…yeah….but then I clearly wouldn’t be thinking with my head would I? Well, not the head that counts.

Yeah. Schizophrenic weren’t they? Maybe you can blame the 1950s for that. Maybe they lived in such perfect white bread homes that they felt the need to have a protracted adolescent rebellion. One that was followed by a rebirth of conservatism & a new found love for authority.

I mean, these are the same people that sort of voted away their retirements, voted away their children’s jobs, lowered their own standard of living, & argue bleakly about the positive benefits of it all.

You know, because if they didn’t do it than those damn communists would take their homes & their jobs & lower the standard of living.

…um right…

I look at my parents & think, “you guys really are the product of a world gone insane, aren’t you?”

Looks like the new boss is the same as the old boss. Looks like you guys really did get fooled again.

There is a lot of “what the hell?” wound up in the Boomers & for some reason people look at it & think, yeah, that was the perfect world.

My father’s on the band wagon. “They don’t make them like they did in my generation.”

Really? I sort of really hope not.

You see dad, when we protested the war, we sort of separated the soldiers from the generals. We sort of put all the blame on the people that started the war & didn’t spare any for the kids that fought it. We blamed Bush, we blamed Chaney, we blamed the intelligence community, & the buck sort of stopped there. You guys blamed LBJ, Nixon, & about a million frightened draftees.

It’s an oddity, it really is. A generation that is just, well, confused.

Confused. Confounded. Or maybe just plain conned.

And the wheel spins around & around & around.

In everything turn, turn, turn.

Turn right around to the start.

A timeline for the Baby Boomers:

They were born slightly after the fall of fascism. They were born after World War II. They were kids during HAUC, they were here during the communist witch hunts & the black lists. They were children when the government asked you to rat out your neighbor & name names for the sake of combating communism & defending capitalism.

They were children when Kennedy got shot…by a lone communist sympathizer, acting completely by himself, who was later himself executed by a lone capitalist patriot that, well…you’re crazy if you stop & question that turn of events.

And then the teenage years. The rebellion years. America was in another war, this time in Vietnam & the boomers sort of flipped out. One, two, three, four, we don’t want your fucking war. Flip out, get laid, do drugs, freak out, get laid, don’t trust anyone over 30. Call the draftees baby killers, get drafted yourself, call the other draftees baby killers after you get discharged. Blame the parents, do drugs, get laid, flip out, freak out, blame the soldiers, do drugs, get laid, blame the soldiers, freak out, do drugs get laid. Rebel, rebel, rebel, rebel, rebel. Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice!

And then snap under the pressure of your own teen-aged angst. Either flip out & join the Jesus Freak movement. Stop doing drugs & start doing Jesus. Or, switch to coke & start doing disco.

In either case they had another mental breakdown. The disco crowd burned their records in a blatant show of absolute self-disgust & the Jesus Freaks went to the far, far, right & showed their parents that they can be the same fascists that Daddy fought in WWII.

You were afraid of the bomb Dad? We’re going to build as many as we can! Take that daddy! We’re rebels! Conformist fascist rebels! We do Jesus not drugs!

And then the thirties, the 80s, the rebirth of conservatism. Children, White picket fences. Homes in the suburbs, their parents’ dream. Oh Christ & the cats & the cradle after all that rebellion they turned out just like dad….only their dad was part of a union & even though they hated authority as a youth, they hate daddy even more. Just rebel! Crush the unions! Greed! Dad was a collectivist, we’re capitalists! Kill what little part of our parents we had left!

Raise the children & become disappointed when they rebel. Their kids are going to wear flannels & jeans & durable clothes as a form of rebellion. They are going to shop at thrift stores, because…who cares? Their world is second hand anyway. Grandpa worked himself raw to fashion a new world for mom & dad & you are left with the trash that’s left.

There’s a different attitude with the new wave of rebellion. Mom & dad shattered the old structure & as a result both of them needed to work to keep their parent’s standard of living.

Mom & dad were at work so their kids rebelled by raising themselves & buying second-hand clothes in a second hand world. Their rebellion was to be as cheap as possible because, oh shit, they had a pretty good idea of the world left to them. They knew that mom & dad were too busy working out their teen-aged angst to actually build anything.

Mom & dad hated that…Wait, you are rebelling by cleaning up after us? That’s how you are going to rebel?

That’s not rebellion, you lazy bastards! Work hard like we did…you know, do a lot of drugs, have a lot of sex, & pretend you found Jesus & then live in the world your grandparents toiled to create! Chop it up into pieces & sell the scraps for a quick buck!

Picking up our mess isn’t rebellion,destroying your grandfather’s world is! Lazy, lazy, lazy!

Mom & dad never stopped rebelling & it seems that they are still lamenting over the fact that their children have an attitude.

You know, their lazy kids,those Generation X kids, the ones that roll their eyes & say “never mind, I’ll just do it myself.”

You know what the problem with your generation is? You got an attitude problem! You’re too content to just roll your eyes, be pragmatic, get a college education, & then try to find one of the jobs we didn’t gut!

You’re generation doesn’t dream of sex & drugs & money. You’re too busy trying to fix what we broke to get off your buts & earn a living! While your lazy butt is trying to make sure the water is safe to drink you aren’t making any money off polluting it.

Generation X got a long pretty well with their grandparents. The Greatest Generation had that “we can do it attitude” & though it wasn’t exactly the same, it still worked well with the “whatever, I’ll just do it myself” attitude. The latter was a little more laid-back, a lot more resolute, & significantly more depressed, but there was an understanding there. It was an understanding that didn’t exactly mesh with the “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” generation in between.

Their Grandparents built America, they destroyed & they will be damned if they are going to let their kids pick it up. Certainly not the lazy “Whatever, I’ll just do it myself,” generation, they know nothing about work. They are too pragmatic to be real idealists & far too pragmatic to be anywhere near as greedy.


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