Take a moment to look at this. This is what happens when you support wars. This is what you are supporting when you try to goat people into a war. It doesn’t matter what side you are on & clearly this isn’t even what the soldiers want.

The picture is of a little Palestinian child, but that doesn’t matter. Don’t let that be a factor. This happens on both sides of EVERY conflict.

There is no right side to it. This is war. There are neither good guys or bad guys, there are only victims. The children are victims, the civilians are victims, & the soldiers that fight the war are victims.

Nothing good comes of it & if you want someone to blame, look away from the soldiers & look in the mirror. It’s not the soldier’s fault. Wars don’t happen because soldiers fight them. Wars happen because the civilian population doesn’t stop them.

Wars are only possible with your support.

Take a nice long look. When you say that Obama isn’t doing enough in Iraq, in Syria, anywhere, you are supporting accidents like this. You are creating more civilian victims, you are creating more veterans & both of those are horrible things to be.

None of us are doing enough to stop it. Myself included.



5 thoughts on “War, Edwin Starr Dispises it, Why Don’t You?

  1. War is unpleasant but it is a necessary thing for anything to exist, as important as death and decay. Peace is a thing that should be rejected because nothing would grow, live or reproduce without the essential presence of war. Heraclitus has much to say about the beautiful creative aspects of war: “Strife is Justice” … only through war can things become.

    • I’m going to go out on a limb & assume that at the best you might be an REMF & at the worst & the most probable, you are a chicken-hawk. It’s interesting that you would defend that & the only reason that I think you would, or anyone else, is because you are content with the knowledge that it will never, ever, by you out there fighting, killing, & dieing.

      • Everyone has the liberty of choice. The soldier is paid to fight, it is the risk they know and take in fighting. Citizens in a war zone have the option to leave. War is a fact of life, no fantasy is going to wish it away.

  2. The Liberty of choice? Someone has never heard of the draft have they? It happened in America a generation ago.

    & when was the last time you’ve seen a country open their doors wide to allow the people starving in the refugee camps for the citizens in a war zone trying to leave so they don’t get caught in the cross fire? Hell, America won’t even let starving children leave their countries, let alone refugee families.

    There is a liberty of choice & if you are going to support it, enlist & go to the front lines. Otherwise keep ill informed mouth shut, support the troops & oppose the wars.

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