I do have pressing concerns about my future now that this job is coming to an end & I have yet to secure other employment. I can’t exactly afford to re-up, this opportunity doesn’t exactly pay enough to afford a second term. Well, it doesn’t exactly pay enough to afford a first term & the only way I would be able to actually make ends meet is if I enlisted again & they placed me somewhere with lower housing costs.

It might look good on a resume, but the average cost of an apartment where I currently am is about the same that it pays per-month. I can’t really afford a job that doesn’t pay enough for a little studio.

Then again. Well, then again, then again, then again. Then again a job is better than no job. Then again I do have a master’s degree. According to Salon.com only 7% of people with a Bachelors degree work minimum wage jobs.

It’s nice to know that I am in the minority of the country’s population. It’s my own fault. I tried to be a teacher. It would have worked out too, you know, if they didn’t declare a war on education almost the moment I got my 09.

Whatever, Matt Damon clearly has my back. Matt Damon is very outspoken when it comes to schools & teachers. But then, he’s in the minority of the population as well isn’t he? The majority of the population, it seems, tends to think that, hey, they got their education, why should we keep the schools open for the next generation? The next generation doesn’t need an education. The next generation probably won’t even be able to pay for college.

I like how the consensus with a lot of them is that private charities & the donations of the good hearted American’s should take care of things like social services. You know, just so long as they aren’t asked to donate anything.

The bottom line is that America has too much of an individualistic spirit. Mommy told us that we were all special and unique individuals & we fooled ourselves into believing it.

Tyler Durden told us that we are the same decaying matter as everything else, but no one really listened to him did they? Sort of treated old Tyler like he was a figment of their imagination.

When mommy told you that you were special, she meant to say that she loved you, & she did, because that’s what mothers do.

If you believed mommy when she told you that you were special than you should have taken the short bus to school. You know, the short bus, the bus that the other special kids took to school.

One man can make a difference. That’s a load isn’t it? But we don’t understand that here in the Individual States of America. The ISA might be better. The “U” stands for “United” & that word tends to run counter to the American spirit doesn’t it?

We aren’t the United States, we are individual states. We aren’t one nation under God, we are individual people under God. And we certainly are not indivisible.

We will keep the “under God,” but that communist “one nation” needs to go.

Our mommies, Atlas Shrugged, & Fox News told us that we are all special individuals & we are only supposed to look out for our own self interests.

There is nothing United about us.

Martin Luther King, all on his onesie, ended segregation & won the Civil Rights battle without any help from anyone else ever.

George Washington, all by himself, defeated the entire British Empire with nothing but his white horse & his individualistic spirit. Nobody helped him there either.

In fact, George Washington is the only signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. He had to fight a Civil War to do it. You see the South rose up in revolt & did Abraham Lincoln field an army? Of course not. We are individuals here in America. He fought the entire Civil War all by himself, one the Battle of Gettysburg with a single address & then died in a theater when he finally stopped to relax.

But then Abraham Lincoln was a communist. He wanted to pass regulations to stop private businesses from owning people. He didn’t understand that regulations are bad & communistic & socialistic & Marxist & whatever.

Abraham Lincoln didn’t understand that this nation was forged by one man, George Washington, his white horse, one rickety slave ship & a simple slogan: “People selling people to people.”

Lincoln was a communist, that much is evident. If he was a capitalist, if he was a libertarian, if he was a conservative he would have recognized that regulations are bad. He would have supported the right for business to operate any way it wanted.

If Lincoln was a capitalist he would have understood that the market would have ended slavery when the people stopped buying slave harvested cotton.

The South didn’t need his communist regulations & that’s why he fought the Civil War…all by himself. Because he was an individual.

Here in America we do things all by ourselves. We are individuals. The world can go to hell around us, the dead can rise from their graves, dogs & cats can live together & so long as we have guns we can live on our own forever.

Where I am working now, we are part of a team. A team that believes that one person can stand alone & change the world all by themselves without any help from the team.

There is no need for schools, schools teach children & if they were good capitalistic Americans they would pull themselves up by their bootstraps & give themselves an education.

While we are at it, we should make them pay for it, right down to the elementary level, because it’s only through individuals profiting through the labor of small children that we can be a free & individualistic country.

Of course, if they did go to work, than their labor would produce profits from someone that is living the lap of luxury off the collective hard work of other people. There is that word again, “collective,” that word that makes it sound like the person on the top isn’t an individual.

But don’t think too hard on that.

We all know that the rich CEO of Nike makes everything by himself with no help from anyone else. He’s a hard worker & he deserves that money. He makes each Nike shoe by hand, by himself, with no workforce.

If you could be like him & make billions of shoes a year, by hand, with no help from anyone else, you too could be a billionaire.

That’s what American’s don’t understand. The people at the top do it all by themselves & the people that they employ, over seas, in sweatshops, don’t do any real work. They are lazy communists that he is paying, out of the egocentricity of his heart, to sit around & do nothing all day while he makes each of the shoes by himself with no help from them.

I even heard that he raises his own cows & kills them by himself to make the leather for the shoes that he makes without using the labor of anyone else at all ever.

He’s a hard worker & his minimum wage employees are lazy & don’t lift a finger to help him make the profits that he earns 100% on his own.

What? Do you disagree with me? That’s going against the individualistic spirit of our capitalistic utopia.

Here’s another example.

Wal-Mart, sure it employees a lot of people. Sure, it might be the biggest employer in America, but the people that are crying for a pay raise are communists. They don’t deserve it? I mean, what do they do?

We all know that when you go into a Wal-Mart, the Walton family, all six of them, spent their own money to buy the items in the store, stock the shelves themselves, & work every position from the manager right down to the stock boys & the cashiers. Every Wal-Mart you visit is owned & operated by the same six or so people in the same family, that do all the work themselves with no help at all from the people that they employ.

If you want more money, you should start a store of your own & work every position all day long all by yourself like they do.

Anyone can do it. Anyone can own their own retail chain. It only takes a few million dollars in start up cash. Anyone can afford that.

No, I’m joking. That was all sarcasm. It was hard to tell, wasn’t it?

Everyone, even on the far right knows that the people on the top are reaping the benefits off the collective hard work of the people on the bottom. They just put down the hard work of funding their own money to start the company, generations ago, & are now working hard letting other people manage the collective labor of other people so that they can individually claim all the profits.

Remember, this is America. Collectivism is a horrible, horrible, terrible, horrible thing, when it serves the greater good. When it serves the individual good, however, it is a wonderful & beautiful thing that God himself has ordained to be true & just.

Sending children to a school that the community pays for so that they can get an education & find a decent job is a crime against humanity. It is an awful thing. It is unbridled communism & that is unforgivable.

George Washington didn’t fight the entire British Empire all by himself with no help from the French so that your child could go to school on tax payer dollars, & achieve his or her own individual dream.

No. George Washington fought the entire British Empire all on his own with no help from the Poles, so that your child could go to work at the age of six & make money for the rich man that lives on the mansion on the hill, who shouldn’t have to share any of it.

Taxes, don’t get me started on those. It is ridiculous to tax away the money that people make off the hard work of other people to ensure that the people making them the money that they are keeping for themselves have things like medical care, safe houses, & an education.

Taxes are a redistribution of wealth. They take the money from the people that profit & give it back, in the form of services, to the people that earn the money.

If taxes were fare, the people that keep the money should pay the same amount as the people that earned them that money. They are profiting off the hard work of others & it is communism to ask them to pay taxes to give the people that are earning them the money the services they can’t afford to buy on their own.

We are, after all, an individualistic country. We are all out there to earn money on our own through our own hard work & if that hard work doesn’t pay you a living wage than clearly you haven’t worked hard enough.

Nevermind the people that make insane profits off of your hard work. It was their individual money, subsidized through your tax dollars & generations of accumulated income made from ancestors that worked hard that give them the individual right to spend the money that you are earning for them, even if they don’t really work all that hard themselves.

Remember what Hillary Clinton said? “It takes a village to raise a child?” Well she was fibbing. This is America, get back in the workplace, your child can raise themselves, teach themselves, give themselves a college education, all without the help of a teacher, school or university.

This is America. We are individuals. Save the “United.” save the team work & the communist collectivism for, well, save it for the countries that maintain a far higher standard of living than we do.


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