The pro gun people in America are correct. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If someone wanted to walk into a mall or a school & kill a whole bunch of people, they’d be able to do it no matter what.

Now can one of you guns-make-people-safer-from-mass-shootings-advocates come over here & show me how to load this 5.56 mm 60 round banana clip into my knife so I can test your theory that guns have nothing to do with mass shootings?

I’m an idiot, I just can’t figure out how to fit all of these bullets into something that’s not a gun.

I mean, I am trying to prove you right. I have my eye on a Daycare & I fully intend to go over there & kill all those kids, without the use of a gun, but I can’t seem to chamber a round into my Bic lighter.

There is a disconnect here isn’t there. The NRA is saying that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. They are right, it is people that use the guns to kill people.

Meanwhile, people like me are saying, that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but guns make it far easier to kill people & make it possible to have mass shootings.

There is something in that phrase “mass shootings” that the NRA people don’t seem to understand.

Let’s focus on the word “shooting.” What can you shoot?

You can shoot up with a syringe.
You can shoot hoops with a basketball.
You can shoot the shit with your mouth.
You can shoot pool with a cue.
You can shoot on over to the bar.
You can shoot people with a gun.

Let’s tally it up.

Syringe, basketball, mouth, cue, bar, gun.

In that list, only one thing has been responsible for a mass shooting.

The NRA is right & the numbers prove it. More people have died from shooting hoops than shooting guns.

World wide there are around 100 drug overdoses a day & still less people have died from shooting up than shooting guns.

There is the other argument to. That stupid one that goes “cars kill people, are we going to ban cars next?” You just want to slap the people that say that, because you know the same people that use the “cars kill people argument are the same Jack-asses that jumped on the Boston Marathon Bombing & shouted “are the liberals going to take away your pressure cookers next?”

That’s almost mocking that tragedy isn’t it?

God I’m pissed about I let people talk me out of the T-shirts. I still think I would have made a fortune. Nice black T-shirt with a man in a track suit holding a severed arm standing in front of a mushroom cloud with the words “I Survived the Boston Marathon” written across the top. They would have been a top seller. I could have made a fortune on them.

Let’s do there numbers.

Rounding down to the nearest hundred there were 1,500 fatal car accidents in the United States last year.

Rounding down to the nearest hundred there were 1,900 fatal shootings in the state of California last year.

There were more fatal shootings in one state than there were fatal car accidents in the entire country.

I know, I know, some of you gun nuts are going to instinctively retort with: “California is the most populated state.”

I love those people.

Those people are right; California is the most populous state.

But they didn’t think things through did they? Do they really want me add up the gun fatalities in all fifty states & compare it to the car fatalities? Do they really think somehow that will make their argument better?

I was in an argument, on Twitter, with the crazy guy that thinks, because my dad is Jewish, that he’s rich & part of the Rothschild conspiracy & since I work for the Health Department I’m part of the Fluoride plot to take over the world with stronger, whiter teeth…I’ve mentioned him before.

Anyway, he had issue with the fact that I compared the shootings in the US with the numbers of shootings in other countries that have banned guns.

In order for me to make a fair comparison, he said that I would have to take all the murders, gun or no gun, in all the countries & compare them to just the gun homicides here in the US.

His theory was, & the NRA people use this all the time, that there are just as many killings without guns as there are with guns.


The thing is, we can play it his way & there are still more gun fatalities in the state of Michigan than there are homicides of any kind in the country of France. There are more gun homicides in the New York City than there is in the country of England & what is left of its colonies.

Did I mention that Northern Ireland is part of England? There are more gun homicides in one city in New York than there are all the combined homicides in six counties that have been at war for 800 years.

Five people were shot in the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770. It made headlines around the world. Now five people get shot in Boston & it doesn’t even rate page six.

I can see the logic, I really can. Guns are tools & tools are neither good nor evil. Tools can’t kill people without an operator. That is true, but, again, those are the tools that make it possible to kill.

And the thing is, I myself am a gun owner. I own a Ruger M77. It is what they call a scout rifle. It takes what they call a thirty-aught-six, which is a big fucking pullet. It can hold five rounds & is blot action.

“Bolt Action” means that it is not an automatic. I can’t fire sixty rounds a minute. For starters, it can only hold five & you have to work the bolt to take out the spent cartridge & chamber the new round between each pull of the trigger.

A Ruger M77 is what serious hunters use because a series hunter is not going to take an AR15 with him, because he doesn’t need it. It takes one round from a .30-06 to take down a deer. That’s all. A serious hunter is probably only going to fire his rifle once & he is probably going to want the precision & accuracy of a bolt action rifle to ensure that he takes the deer down with as much humanity as possible.

It’s the assholes that go out hunting, bring a case of beer, & pretend they are in the army in the jungles of Vietnam fighting the commies that bring an AR15 out hunting.

I hate hunting, but I do go to the occasional range. The same rule applies. The people with the bolt actions are the people out there shooting the target a hundred-yards away. The bolt action people aren’t fucking around. They are the people that want the target as far away from them as the range will allow because they are out there to see if they can break their last record.

The people with the semi-automatic rifles that can hold sixty rounds a magazine are the idiots out there that are out there to hear how many bangs it can make in a row & play army.

But then again, no one is trying to ban an M77 are they? Even the people that want all guns banned tend to make an allowance for hunting & sport rifles. You can’t really perform a mass shooting with a bolt-action rifle that only chambers five rounds at a time.

If a bolt-action is going to commit a crime, it’s going to be from a book depository in Dallas. It’s not going to be a Columbine, it’s not going to be a Newton, or an Aurora. It doesn’t have the rate of fire or the capacity to pull off a mass shooting.

An AR15, that is a mass shooting weapon. That is what people like me want to regulate to extinction.

An M77 is a tool an AR15 is a weapon. An AR15 is modeled after an assault rifle. An AR15 is made to kill people, as many people & as efficiently as possible.

The type of people that would buy a gun like an AR15 are the gun nuts. They buy it because it makes them feel like G.I. Joe, they buy it because they fantasize about killing people & that is one of the reasons we see civilian weapons modeled after assault rifles used in so many shootings in America.

And that is ignoring an SMG altogether. An SMG is for the people that like to pretend that they are Special Forces when they go out on the range & blow off sixty .9mm rounds without taking their finger off the trigger.

Use anti-gun people, or rather us pro-gun regulation people, we get that some guns are tools. But this is a give & take. This is a democracy. There needs to be negotiation. I am willing to give you the right to own a firearm as long as it’s a tool. But the guns you guys are carrying aren’t tools, they are weapons.

You have the right to own guns. But I have the right to Free Speech & I refuse to carry a weapon with me…especially in a bar.

I can’t believe you idiots actually want to let people take guns into places that serve alcohol!

Now if you are at a bar, if you get drunk, if you disagree with what I am saying, that happens all the time. You have the right to disagree with me. That’s what the 1st Amendment is all about.

You add a gun into that equation & suddenly my right to Free Speech is limited by fear of death because you’re drunk ass is too chicken shit to have a pint without a phallic symbol tucked into your pants.


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