I watched American History X over the weekend. I know, you think this post is going to be about race don’t you? You can’t have a mention about a movie like American History X & not instantly think of race.

It’s totally not about race.

It is about stereotypes.

There are just some people, you know, those people.

One of THOSE people.

There are just those people that you look at & have a hard time believing them in a role.


You look at them & you just, for the life of you, you can’t believe anyone cast them in that role. They destroy the movie for you. You sit down & you get ready to see Ed Norton all skin & racism, & you can buy that. You can see him cast in a role like that. It’s shocking to see him buff, but you can believe him in, well, anything.

Ed Norton is NOT one of those people.

You can eat your popcorn & believe it when he uses the N-Bomb.

But then you get to his fat skin head friend. You know, Ethan Suplee.

Ethan Suplee is totally one of THOSE PEOPLE.

It is hard to believe that Ethan Suplee is a racist. It’s not a role I would have cast him in. Sure, sure, sure, he’s actually a good actor. He might have even done a good job in the movie….

…but the thing is….

…when you see him, even in the skinhead make-up…..

….There’s one thing that comes to your mind….

“Ha ha ha ha. You dumb bastard. It’s not a schooner… it’s a Sailboat.”

And you feel guilty about it. Dude worked hard to get where he is & yet, you can’t see him as much more than, Willam & maybe that guy from Chasing Amy.


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