I met an interesting person last night. It was actually a friend of mine & her father. I went to high school with her, but I guess I didn’t really know her. As soon as I told her where I was working, she became extremely confrontational. So did her father. I learned a lot from both of them.

Did I tell you that I work in concentration & death camps? I’m serious. This isn’t complaining about the job in a tasteless way, this is actually what I have been told. I know, it sounds odd, for a man with a Jewish father to work at a concentration camp, but there is actually a YouTube video to prove it.

Seriously, there is a YouTube video that proves it. Actually, to be honest, there are multiple YouTube videos. The FEMA camps post Katrina, they were actually death camps that killed thousands of people. FEMA involvement after the Oklahoma bombing was another death camp incident. Post Sandy, Post tornado, post flooding. Every time there in a natural disaster, FEMA gets involved & opens up another Death camp.

There’s a YouTube video that proves it.

Alex Jones & a professional wrestler turned politician turned conspiracy theorist hosted some of the videos.

Most of the time a natural disaster hits, it’s not really natural. Obama, Bush, & the US government caused them using weather machines to frighten the people into going green. It’s all part of a climate change hoax so that the Illuminati & the Bilderberg Group can make a return on their investment in the technology & put the hard working Americans in the fossil fuel business out of work so that everyone would be weak, poor, & hungry when they bring about their New World Order.

There’s a YouTube video that proves it.

The Death Camps that FEMA makes are there to kill the population that way the weather machine stays classified & news of it doesn’t get back to the public.

There’s a YouTube video that proves it.

The Free Masons are also involved, but I can’t remember how. As far as I knew, they were a secrete society that donated heavily to charity. But then, what do I know? All the Free Masons I know, they are all African-American, all lower middle class, & they are all pretty nice people. I couldn’t imagine Martin plotting to rule the world, but he does run a basketball camp for underprivileged youth & his Masonic Lodge is heavily involved in that.

Martin, is plotting to serve you God awful beer when you visit him. Martin ONLY drinks Miller High Life. As evil as that is, it’s not “Pinky & the Brain” take over the world evil.

There’s a YouTube video that proves that Martin is somehow involved in killing all the Black people in New Orleans.

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t work for FEMA, I work for the Health Department. Don’t worry, it all fits into the mold.

The only reasons why the Health Departments exist is to add Fluoride to the water, which everyone knows is a derivative of LSD that makes the American people more susceptible to brain washing.

There’s a YouTube video that proves it.

The local Health Department, put cancer into the population. Remember a few years ago when they were setting up locations all over America? They told you it was H1N1, they told you it was the flu. But the flu doesn’t kill you, you don’t need to be inoculated against the flu, they were making the population easier to control so FEMA can open death camps when the New World Order takes over.

There’s a YouTube video that proves it.

I know what you’re thinking, Spanish Influenza, right? I threw that one out there as well.

No. That never happened. The 1918 H1N1 outbreak never actually happened. That is a hoax, its a lie that the government put in the history books to indoctrinate Americans into Communism.

There’s a YouTube video that proves it.

Do you know anyone that actually had flue in 1918? Well no I don’t, but I don’t currently know anyone that was alive in 1918 either. It doesn’t at all shock me that I don’t know anyone that survived the deadliest outbreak in recent history. It was a little shy of a century ago.

At first I thought they were joking, but it turns out that, no, deadly serious they were. I might not know it, but what I really do at work is spike the drinking water with a mild form of LSD. Why is the health department located next to the county jail & the sheriff’s department? Can you explain that? Have you ever stopped to think about that?

Because it’s the seat of government?

There is currently no YouTube video about this country. But I just wanted you to know, there are some very crazy people out there. People you’ve known all your life. People that believe in lizard aliens.

They are out there & they are watching YouTube.


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