I don’t dig on the whole anarchy thing.

Government is important, because, well, you need to organize shit. I think that is a fair statement. It’s certainly an honestly blunt, albeit slightly vulgar, means of conveying a basic fact. If you don’t believe it just look at nature, the lone wolf shit just doesn’t work. Even the wolf isn’t an alpha predator, a wolf by itself doesn’t have a very long life expectancy. It’s the pack that makes it the alpha predator. The same goes with apes, birds, bats, monkeys, & fish. You never really see one all by itself. They need each other to survive.

That shit ain’t just for breeding. It’s not just monkey love. The Bloodhound Gang aside, there is really no credible evidence to suggest you see schools of fish, packs of wolves, & flocks of seagulls for reasons other than survival. They pool together for survival. They do it for protection. They do it because there is a lot of shit out there & there is safety in numbers.

It’s really just the lone snake that you see making it on its own in the wild. You find snakes everywhere you find life, including six counties in Ireland.

Just for the record, we’re mammals. Snakes are not.

The same rules apply. That’s why I’m a fan of materialism. There is shit out there, there is a lot of it going on & it only makes sense to organize it. You need to know how it works & despite what American politicians say; you have to deal with it. Shit doesn’t go away.

You have to pipe the shit out of your house. You really have to pipe it out. Seriously. It’s not just a Mel Brooks line. Pools of shit kill. Your shit will get you sick if it contaminates your food & water. Other people’s shit will get you sick if it’s not piped out of their house & dealt with. In a very literal way, if you want to survive, you have to deal with your shit. You have to think about your shit & other people’s shit. Millions of people & animals have died because they failed to deal with their shit.

If you do it alone, shit might be the thing that kills you.

To deal with shit, you need people that know how to get metals out of rocks & people that know how to make plastics out of oil. You need people that know how to make concrete. Then you need people that know how to turn that concrete into things that you bury under the ground & more people that know how to make that buried concrete move and store shit.

Then you need people that know how to make the metal into pipes & people that know how to put those pipes into your home. Then you need people that know how to get water through those pipes to wash your shit away.

That’s only the start of it. From there you need people that know how to treat, store, & dispose of a massive, communal, pile of shit in a manner that prevents that shit from getting you sick & killing you.

That’s a lot of people & a lot of shit. You’re never going to get that process underway, let alone maintain it, unless you get it organized.

From there you have to think about how to teach those people how to do it. You need people that learn how to do it better & how to solve problems with it. You need people that teach other people how to find the metal & oil & process it all & put that together. You need people that know how to feed them.

Shit, you just need people that know how to organize other people.

Reagan was wrong. The problem isn’t too much government in your life.

You need government in your life. You need to make it possible to deal with your shit & you need the people that make that possible. You need organization if you are going to live & survive. Even if you are anti-technology & believe we should all be hunter-gathers again, you have to realize that you are proper fucked. Technology is here, it’s what caused our population boom in the first place.

When government is working, they are thinking about the material world. They are putting their time & effort into cleaning up your shit. They are putting their effort into making sure that the organization is there to get you what you need to do whatever it is that you are doing.

When government isn’t working, it’s not thinking & putting effort into those things.

Organizing all of that is why government was created in the first place.

Government is only your problem when it’s not a part of your life. When it stops doing the very thing it exists to do, than it becomes a problem. It is there to make society work. We have very ugly words of governments that stopped acting like governments.

It’s also the reason that they fall. Democracy is the truth of monarchy. Monarchy is not the truth of Democracy. Even with absolute power, even when you are a divine right monarch, even when you were chosen by God himself to rule, well, talk to the French about that one. They know better than anyone what happens to Divine Right Monarchs when they stop focusing on what they are there to do.

Sometimes that is why people are fired.

Honestly though, the more you think about shit, the more you realize that you need a government.

When you vote to cut funding for government programs, you are fighting to trade in the opportunity to use the toilet in your house, in the middle of winter because you would rather walk outside, through two feet of snow, to take a shit in a drafty outhouse in windy sub-zero weather. You are voting to die of typhoid fever. You are voting to drive your car on bumpy mud roads rather than nice smooth concrete.

What you are doing, when you vote to eliminate government programs is actually advocating to eliminate the CTA, cut subsidies to the Metra, to in effect kill public transportation because you want even more rush hour traffic. You are voting to kill it because you love to sit hours in traffic inhaling exhaust only to blow your tire out on a three-foot deep pothole. You are voting to make the potholes even worse. You are voting to not plow the streets when there is another famous Chicago blizzard.

When you vote Democrat, you are voting for the government to only vaguely do what it is there to do. When you support the GOP, the TEA Party, the Libertarian Party, you are saying that you want your shit to go into your drinking water whenever you flush the toilet. You want to drink your neighbors shit, you want to cook your food in shit, you want to mix shit into your baby’s formula.

Half the time you are doing it because you are an idiot. Half the time, you are doing it because you have convinced yourself the fluoride in the water is somehow worse than shit. The other half, however, you are doing it for philosophical reasons. You philosophically believe that you want your shit to be removed from your home, you want to pay for it, & you believe the private company that does it for you has the right to cut corners for greater profit & maybe sneak that shit back into your water to save a dime. You philosophically believe that the government has no right to regulate companies that remove your shit in order to prevent them from simply dropping it back into the water supply or into the river or lake that your kids swim in & you drive over every day on you way to work.

In essences, you don’t believe in government, of if you believe in small government, you believe that government should be doing something other than what it exists to do. You are fundamentally opting for the type of government that caused the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, the American Revolution, & every other revolution.

You are not advocating a revolution. Revolutions happen when the government stops doing what it is there to do. This is why the very first thing revolutionaries do, after they win, is set up a brand new government.

What you advocating is the government that caused the revolution.

Please remember the democracy is the truth of monarchy, monarchy is not the truth of democracy. When we talk about shit, we are talking about the basic function of any government. Monarchs, fascists, republicans, democrats, dictators, pharaohs, tsars, & Machiavelli’s prince all exist for one reason. When they eventually fall & Alaric comes marching in, or when the people start to think that Robespierre has a valid point, it is happening for a reason, it is happening because the government stopped doing the thing it is there to do.

Strong governments, governments that are doing what they exist to do, are not the governments that fall. Functioning governments have the ability to defend themselves from outside threats. Functioning governments, any type of functioning government, doesn’t have to fear an uprising of its people. Even under an absolute monarchy, if you give the people what they need, if you make the infrastructure they need to travel & remain healthy & get a good job & a good education with food in their bellies & their shit safely stored & disposed of, they are not going to revolt. Professional malcontents are not going to convince people that righteous war is more important than having their basic material needs met.

Personally, you can have any philosophy you want. You can be a nihilist, you can be an existentialist, a stoic, a Taoist, a genocidal Zionist scumbag, or a pacifist. That is your choice, that is your right. Some of you even exist to come up with new isms in order to advance philosophy, culture, & society.

Government doesn’t have that luxury. Government exists to be materialistic & utilitarian. They exist to think about the material world & organize it into a system that works so that the people can have their basic needs met in order for that society to grow, evolve, & thrive. They exist for it to be strong.

Military is a part of that, certainly. It is not their friends that teach cities the lesson of building high walls. The economy is a part of that. Taxes are a part of that. Education, roads, plumbing, food, shelter, health care, employment, a legal system, these are all things that are essential for survival for the individual & for society. These things are what government is tasked to do. When they work together as a whole, they create a strong vibrant society that has the strength to defend itself & the virility to grow.

When they work against each other, & worse, when they work against the people, society crumbles & falls. If you are rich, you better watch out, the people will blame you. Sometimes even if you are not one of the guilty parties, they will kill you simply because you are rich. Your children too. If you are rich, you better hope the civilization falls through conquest, you have a better chance of surviving the inevitable purge.

So it goes.

It all comes down to one big pile of shit.

Eventually it does. Eventually everything turns to shit. Eventually people forget what their basic needs are & when that happens the people in power forget what the basic needs are & there is a disconnect. The basic needs are certainly met for those in power & presidents & monarchs flush the toilet & forget that it is their job to make sure that shit gets taken care of.

It is easy for them to forget, because the people that power rules over have the luxury of living under a government that thought about shit. With out the aid of an epic natural disaster it’s going to take a while for them to see what happens when the government stops working. It is only when their bellies are hungry that they realize that food is an essential for life.

When a government is working, the people don’t realize how critically important food is. When a government is working, the people don’t think about where their shit goes when they flush the toilet. The government thinks about that for them & makes sure they have what they need to not think about it. It’s going to take a while, in the natural order, for the people to all feel the effects of a failed government.


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