Ashur, the son of Noah, built the city of Nineveh. This is odd, given that “Nineveh” could possibly mean “The seat of Ishtar,” which is an exceptionally odd thing for a Hebrew to name a city. Whatever, The Bible is full of oddities, like why would Pharaoh arm the Israelite slaves before he let them go?

Don’t worry, I’m not going on a triad about holy scripture. All I really wanted you to know is that there once was a place called Nineveh. Well, I guess it still exists today, only now its called “Mosul” & the only reason Americans have heard of it is because we are fighting a war there & it was briefly mentioned on Fox News as they showed happy soldiers & waving flags under the desert sun.

These are the same American’s that are good Christians that have read the Bible cover-to-cover & understand, without a doubt or sense of morbid irony, that Jesus Christ was really a divine combination of John Calvin & John Galt. These American Christians have never heard of Nineveh & have no idea who Ashur was or why he would name a city after an Assyrian goddess.

I only mention Nineveh because I have a new job, an eleven-month paid volunteer position working for the government in disaster response. This is why I haven’t been posting lately. I’m thinking that this job will sound good enough on a resume to land me another job that will pay me enough per-hour to rent a tiny apartment & pay for food & & utilities. This job hardly pays enough for gas to get me to & from the state capital.

It should look good on a resume, given that I have researched & planned how the county will deal with a dirty-bomb & how they will help deal with the population surge in the area should there be a mass evacuation. That stuff looks good on a resume, right?

At any rate, I don’t want to lose the job because I posted something political or mentioned the fact that my boss is dangerously self-conscious & insanely domineering to the point where she calls people into her office to reprimand them for being smarter than her by discussing Ray Bradbury in the break room.

People like that are dangerous people in seats of power. I mean, you don’t want to die because someone got fired for thinking of a way to save your life before the boss.

The report I wrote now has her name on it. That’s why she gets her own private office & three figure salary.

But that’s beside the point. I just wanted you to know that I’m insanely careful about posting anything on the internet & more then happy to, once the job is over, be thoroughly willing burn the walls down to the point of whistle blowing.

What I wanted to write about is Nineveh. For fifty-years it was the largest city on earth. The Assyrian Empire was the largest on Earth. They were economic & educational powerhouses.

Ultimately, the power concentrated to the top & after fifty-years, they neglected the people to the point of an uprising & Nineveh burned to the ground due to social unrest in a time when other cities burned because of invading hordes of barbarians & conquering kings.

When you are dealing with disasters, there is a lesson there & its simple. Ultimately, you can only fuck over your people for so long before they destroy you & there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

It’s an important lesson, especially now that I am working to prepare governments for emergencies for less than the state minimum wage. Its a lesson that isn’t even spoken of in that department. The reason is because it is impossible to successfully defend against, you can only act to prevent it. The prevention is giving the people what they need & that, especially to power hungry self-conscious bitches, is something that they would never do, not to people they are content to view as “lesser”.


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