I met one of those people again.

It’s a common thing in America these days, it seems that 9-11 gave those people a real platform. It used to be that they were the crazy people that stood on the street corners and were maybe on leave from the local mental institution.

You know, “The End is Nigh” crowd.

Now they work white collar jobs and drive SUVs.

How the hell did that happen?

Anyway, one of those people told me that when the end is comes all the good people that drive the SUVs & work hard at the banks to foreclose on the sinners that work hard, or work hard to find work, or simply don’t drive an SUV. Anyway, all the good rich white Christians are going to go directly to heaven.

He knows that its coming soon because there is turmoil in the Middle East.

He knows the end is coming soon, but he doesn’t seem to know history very well.

Anyway, it appears that all the rich white Christians are going straight to heaven and all the pagans are going to be left here to worship the antichrist, or as he puts it, Obama, until God and Jesus come and start a beautiful war to kill all the people that didn’t die instantly.

It makes you wonder.

What’s going to happen to the atheists. I mean, if they don’t worship God what makes him think they are going to worship the antichrist?

Wouldn’t the atheists be the good guys in his scenario? If they don’t bow to God, they sure as hell won’t bow to the antichrist. Because they won’t bow to the antichrist I doubt they would support his death camps. And then God is going to come and kill everyone still on earth, including the atheists, who are innocent bystanders.

I wouldn’t put it past God, he did kill all the first borns of Egypt. I’m sure there were a lot of innocent babies in that massacre.

It really makes it sound a lot like, when the world ends, the atheists are going to be the only good guys. Doesn’t it?


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