Out on the edges they’re mixin’ the colors Some they don’t like it but me I don’t mind In every city they’re mixin’ the colors Different shades for the whole countryside
I like the kids with the open up faces I like the kids with the ways of their own

On the edges of the line There’s a different kind of kind No one seems to claim for The race war games

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Obama is the POTUSA. Go fuck yourself if you think it means anything to the race problem that has plagued America since, well, since Columbus.

Was it Marx? I think it was Karl Marx that made the point that communism would never work in America because of it’s epidemic problem with race. He had a good point, his version of communism was a world of complete egalitarianism, that is far from achievable when judgements are cast by the color of someone’s skin & not, you know, by the content of their character.

But please, don’t buy into the whole idea that race is fiction. If you believe that than you are missing out of a big part of history. Race is very real. Right now there is a debate, that I am sure will rewrite American history, over the race of a mummy found in Spirit Cave. It’s a debate that would put Europeans in America before Asians & with that early arrival of Europeans the date of the real discovery of the Americas would be pushed back by thousands of years.

The simple race of a skull, long dead, is of the utmost importance to history. But it doesn’t mean anything when you’re judging people on their merit. Race, as a scientific concept, is really only important in a historical sense. Once you start attributing it to people, real living people, only than is it fiction. Trust me on this, I have a degree in history, I can assure you from point of education that climate & geography have a lot more to do with the success of a civilization than anything else.

I have a degree in history & I used to teach & we will get into where I taught in time.

At the moment let’s focus on my last job. Location has a lot to do with race & the judgements associated with them. Location & generations, that is. There is hope for America, in a since, that each generation is becoming progressively less racist than the last. Generation X, when compared to the ones that came before it, made a strong stand against racism. Well, as much as Generation X ever made a strong stand. The Baby Boomers had the Civil Rights movement & fought against racism as much as some of them fought to maintain it. Generation X took the Michael Collins route & fought racism by ignoring it as an institution.

Now the Millennial Generation, at least those that were raised outside of the inner city & the problems that come with it, have taken it a step beyond simply ignoring it & don’t even seem to recognize it as anything more than a blight in world history.

Before I got laid off…again…a few weeks ago, I worked as a security guard at a suburban school. It was an odd environment & not at all the type of school I was used to. For starters, everyone was nice there–to the point where it made me almost ill. But being nice, it seems is a hallmark of the Millennial Generation. The shocking thing was the mixture of the races. There were enough Blacks & Latinos there to not stand out in the crowd & I would be hard pressed to point to a single incidence of racism at that school.

Shit, where I was working, you couldn’t even find a Swastika carved in a bathroom stall or even so much as a gratified “nigger.” Those were common place where I went to high school not forty miles from there. But then, a lot has changed since & then the suburban Millennials have finally managed to eradicate the racism that so often accompanies bathroom graffiti in the United States.


And the colored girls go Doo do doo, doo do doo, doo do doo

The sad thing is its still not the same in the Southern states. As beautiful as the American Deep South is, it still has the ugly underbelly of racism. That racism seems to be growing when you move from blue states to red. A lot of this, unfortunately, has to do with Obama. You can tout him all you want of being a mile marker in America’s war on racism, but his ascendency to the highest office in the land has achieved a rebirth of racism in red states.

If you traveled south during the Bush administration, things looked like they were running their course. You didn’t here “nigger” as often. And when people talked about Clinton down south, they seemed to have dropped the “Black Man’s President” label that they would throw in as a mark of shame whenever he was mentioned. But with Obama the rats left the shadows. Now, if you venture into the deep south, racism is a lot more in the open than it ever was in my lifetime and has spread into states where I normally would never expect to find it.

Colorado, Arizona, North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, they used to be places people never really associated with full on racism. Now, if you go to Colorado, of all places, you’ll run into out-&-proud racist. You’ll find it a lot more in Colorado Springs than Denver, but in either case it’s a shock. It’s Colorado, as a state you expect it to be homophobic, but not necessarily racist.

White America, as it is, is becoming more racist than it was before, or at least more racist than it previously let on. Obama is to blame for this, indirectly, not because he is a Black man, but because he is a Black liberal & the conservative media in America has done their level best to make his race an issue.

If Obama was a Black Republican, his race wouldn’t have been an issue. If Obama was a Black Republican he would have been born in Hawaii & not Kenya. But then, if Obama was a Black Republican he would have never made it into office. Not because he was Black, mind you, but because, let’s face it, the Democrat’s could have run Nero in 2004 & still come out the victors. As it is, the Dems won with a Black Herbert Hoover, only, you know, with a better singing voice.

I think.

I’ve never heard Herbert Hoover sing, but Obama seems to do it well enough. As a whole, the Democrats have the more musically inclined presidents. Clinton was famous for blow jobs & saxophones & Obama, it seems, is famous for his singing voice & grabbing his wife’s ass.

You know you live in a fucked up puritanical world when a president can’t grab his own wife’s rear & not have it be a week’s worth of political scandal on Fox News. At least they didn’t make him testify in congress about it.

If you’re reading this & you are from the UK, Fox News is the American equivalent of the Daily Mail.

And it wouldn’t be surprising
If there’d be another rising,
Said the man from the Daily Mail.

Sorry about that. My mother’s Irish, no fault of mine.

I was raised in Chicago, but a part that wasn’t considered the “inner city.” The term is an odd one, because I was raised in what was almost the dead-fucking-center of Chicago. Chicago has a reputation of being one of the most segregated cities in America. It is worn as a mark of shame, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If Chicago wasn’t as segregated as it was it would certainly be a far more violent place. We don’t need anymore violence. It’s a rough town & if we are not currently holding the title of the most violent city in America, don’t worry, we’ll get that crown again next year.

The segregation isn’t the normal city segregation based on the tides of immigration, but Chicago has that too. We have our own China Town & fuck you Frisco, our China Town is occasionally a neighborhood you do not want to venture into. We have a Ukrainian Village–that has much better baked goods than you will find in New York’s East Village–we have our own Little Italy & Greek Town–if you want to drink too much at a reasonable price.

The area I grew up in, everyone was Irish, even the Black people. I moved back there for a little while when I was teaching, it’s a fun place when you have British couch surfers. They don’t expect to see the Green Flag hanging in the apartment of the Black family across the hall. They grow more & more uncomfortable when you take them to the German Restaurant down the street & they find a poster that reads “26+6=1” next to the Bundesflagge und Handelsflagge. I can sympathize with them, the IRA is more popular in that part of Chicago than it is in Boston or Belfast. To them it must seem like they have walked into the lion’s din. But it’s different in Chicago, IRA propaganda is purely of a decorative nature & has no revolutionary meaning whatsoever.

That community is far from segregated. There are a lot of Blacks & Latino’s & Muslim & if you grow up there & you go to college you are honestly shocked to find out the global Jewish population is only 0.2% & not the 30% you had always assumed it was. But it is a safe community, one of the safest in Chicago & because of that the community doesn’t have to abide by the unwritten segregation laws that you will find in a lot of Chicago. The different races & religions can mingle safely there without fear of racism.

The reason it was safe & largely free of open racism is simply because of a lack of gangs in that community.

The inner city is another story altogether. Inner city Chicago has to be segregated.

People think about racism in America & they instantly associate it with White v Black. That’s not really the case. Most of the racism in America is between minority groups.

I was a white teacher in a Latino school. I was passing, I was allowed to teach in a Latino school because I was white. Race is a big deal there. White people can get jobs at Latino schools with no problem at all. Most Latino’s however have to be screened. A Mexican can teach in a school that is Mexican with no problems, but you seriously do not want a Puerto Rican teaching in a Mexican school. That is a situation rife with danger & forget about a Black teacher in a Latino School, that would be the equivalent of a suicide mission.

The school I taught at was intentionally segregated. We had accidentally acquired a Black student once & we had to escort him everywhere in the three weeks it took to transfer him to the school with the appropriate race.

Race is no laughing matter in areas like that. Racism is no joke, it’s nothing to shrug off. In a community where I grew up, you could shrug off the racism that you encountered, it was a half hearted racism & usually the product of the older generations that were too stupid & set in their ways to change, but violence never accompanied it.

The type of racism where I taught is deadly serious. It’s not the stereo-type that you see on television. Idiots dressed in white don’t sneak onto your property at night & burn a cross. That would be far too polite. Where I taught it was a .9mm out of a car window type of racism.

In Latino area’s you are OK if you are white, but you are a walking target if you are Black. Black people know better than to venture into Latino communities & the different Latino’s know enough to not leave their neighborhoods. Mexicans will openly kill Puerto Ricans & Guatemalan’s & visa versa.

It is a racism that runs hand-in-hand with the gangs. Gang’s aren’t like they are on the typical ’80s movies fair. You will never, ever, find a racially integrated gang. In that life, racism is alive & well & even more violent than it was in the south. The reason why white people tend to get a pass in Latino communities in Chicago is because there aren’t any prominent white gangs, so they aren’t raise to have that piercing racial hatred towards whites as they are towards other ethnic groups.

The same is almost true for Black communities. But in Black communities the racist attitude of pre-Civil Rights America is still strong & the prudent white person spends as little time in those neighborhoods as possible. I substituted in a Black school for a little while. White teachers are ignored as a negative race in Latino schools, but white teachers are faced with open hostility in Black schools but still don’t live under the constant threat of death that Latino teachers face there.

In Black schools, Black men don’t make for very good teachers either. Black men are “Uncle Toms,” well, the gangland equivalent of an “Uncle Tom,” most of them aren’t familiar with the term. But even with the lack of a suitable literary reference, the racism there is still so deep that Black teachers are viewed as modern day slaves…if they are men. If you are running a school in a Black neighborhood in Chicago, you want a staff full of women, preferably Black women, but certainly NOT Latino women. The racism that comes with the gangland culture doesn’t seem to extend to women. If you are a Black woman in a Black school, your student’s are going to do better & you will have less problems.

Racism & gangs go hand-in-hand in the inner city & it is a far more violent breed than you would even find in the Deep South before the Civil Rights movement. It is completely ingrained in the gangland culture & never really spoken of when people are addressing the problems of the inner city. There seems to be a taboo against mentioning it. When a Latino gets killed in a Black neighborhood it’s categorized as “gang violence” what they don’t mention is that it doesn’t matter what colors the Latino was wearing, or if he was even in a gang. The fact is he probably wasn’t in a gang, if he was he would have known better than to venture into the community. The simple fact is, he was probably murdered by a gang member for simply being the wrong race in the wrong neighborhood.

It’s just the way it goes.

As gang culture grows in America, so does racism. The sad thing is, gang violence is growing in America faster than it ever has in the past & that, coupled with Fox News, is bringing on a renewed wave of out-and-proud racism in this country.

The odd thing is, drugs are spreading it. If America stopped the prohibition of drugs, ALL drugs, than there would cease to be such an epidemic of racism in it’s cities, for no other reason than the simple fact that it would curtail the gangs. But that might be the point. NO, that IS the point. It is a political strategy, if you keep the minorities hating each other, if you keep them killing each other than they won’t vote against you. They won’t vote at all & you will maintain your power structure. Ask the Byzantines, they knew all about that little maneuver.

So yes. YES! Racism is institutionalized in America & in a far more ominous way than it was in the past.


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