Hitler has an unfortunate stigma behind him, a stigma that makes it really hard to buy Mein Kampf.

I know this for a fact, I have purchased & read Mein Kampf. Reading it was the easy part, actually buying it was the part that was a heroic endeavor. Unfortunately for me, I had a philosophy about buying text books in college, I did it as needed & as I could afford them. Books like Mein Kampf don’t come up until late in the semester, so I could put those off until I had the money to actually purchase them. This sometimes meant that the bookstore at school was sold out & I was forced somewhere else. Mein Kampf always sold out fast in college, college students want to read it & buying it is a lot easier at a college book store where there is an understanding that you are probably NOT a neo-Nazi.

I was forced to go to the local Borders, well not the local Borders, the one on State Street, the one where I could buy Hitler & still make it to my favorite comic book store.

Of course, being a Wednesday, Borders was full of Black cashiers. Normally Black cashiers are not a big deal, but they are when you are buying Mein Kampf. The only thing worse than a Black cashier at that moment would be one that was clearly wearing a Kippah. I found the book in ten minutes, but it took me another three hours & five cups of coffee to work up the courage to check out.

The day of the week might not have had anything to do with it.

The comic book store didn’t have a bathroom for customers. The L ride home was a nightmare.

I pissed in an alley at the corner of Wilson & Sheridan, right behind the church with the sign that reads “Christ Died for Our Sins.” The one appropriately located across the street from a McDonald’s. It was less than a minute from my apartment, but the coffee was threatening to come out & I really didn’t want to piss myself.

There are three types of people that will purchase & read Mein Kampf. I fall into two of those types. The first is the person that will buy it with pride even if there is a Black cashier & especially if the Black cashier is also wearing a Kippah. But I’ve never actually seen a Black man in a Kippah before.

The second is a person that is obsessed with History, for those of you that actually read my dribble, that would be the people that say: “That’s disgusting, I have to learn more about it.”

The third is a bibliophile, the type that, when not living with mom & dad, gets a perverted thrill out of placing Mein Kampf on one of his most visible shelves, followed by the Catholic Bible, followed by the bull shit edited Bible, followed by the Torah, followed by the Koran, followed by 120 Days of Sodomy by the Marquis de Sade.

Sometimes, as a middle finger to certain friends, I’ll throw Psychology of the Unconscious by Carl Jung & Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche between the Koran & 120 Days of Sodomy. Because, let’s face it, de Sade is the only one in the group that actually had a valid point.

All in all, Hitler’s negative stigma makes it really hard to buy Mein Kampf. And that’s a book that should be required reading.

Not that I am endorsing his point of view, I mean, he did kill a shit ton of people on my father’s side of the family. But they would have been dead even if they weren’t Jews. I mean, Hitler does spend more time attacking liberals & communists than he does the Jews, & given my father’s family, well they were proper fucked on all counts.

As a side note, just so you know, for those of you that don’t read all my posts, my Father & I are extremely pro-German. We don’t blame them. Dad was stationed in Germany for two years in the 1970s & he came away with the same impression of German’s that I did. But that is another blog, & one that I already wrote.

This blog is about Mein Kampf. More importantly, it’s about what you will learn from it.

But I do have a disclaimer first. I really hate most philosophy. Philosophy, for the most part, falls under the realm of fairy tales. Materialism, however, seems to work for me. I can read & understand where Mill is coming from, the same goes for Marx, & Hegel, & Paine. These people seem grounded in the Material world. Once you leave that world, you fall into the philosophical, the world where you don’t have the material history to actually prove shit.

Hitler bridges on both worlds but never exactly makes any sense in either.

But he is interesting.

For starters, if you replace the word “Jew” with the word “Federal Reserve” in Mein Kampf, you have a very Libertarian argument.

This is especially true when he goes on about the Great Depression.

Hitler: An institution like the Jewish Banks should lose their monopoly status and their members should lose their limited liability.

Libertarian: An institution like the Federal Reserve should lose its monopoly status and its members should lose their limited liability.

Hitler: Jewish Banks actually contributed to the Great Depression, because it permitted banks to reduce reserves.

The Federal Reserve actually contributed to the Great Depression, because it permitted banks to reduce reserves.

They are paraphrased on both sides, but I’m sure you get the picture.

Now it’s not just the Libertarians that you can do this with.

Hitler & Noam Chomsky have the same views on World War 1 propaganda. Let’s compare Mein Kampf with Manufacturing Consent.

They both agree that the United States did it better than Germany did. They both agree that propaganda is really what won the war. They will both tell you that if it wasn’t for propaganda, the United States would not have had the support it needed to win the war.

The only difference, when it comes to Noam Chomsky & Adolf Hitler is that Professor Chomsky is openly fighting the use of propaganda & all the negative stigma that comes with it & Hitler is endorsing the use of propaganda & all the negative success that come with it.

But then, Noam Chomsky is a good guy–unless you are a conservative–& Adolf Hitler is a bad guy, even if you are a conservative.

But wait, there’s more, there is always more.

We can do the same thing with government institutions. Specifically education.

Here the conservatives & the Libertarians agree.

The TEA Party & Libertarians: “Liberals” were gradually seduced (primarily by Marxism) into believing that the state could and should be used to guarantee “social justice”

“liberals” were gradually seduced (primarily by Marxism) into believing that the state could and should be used to guarantee “social justice”

Hitler, Conservatives, & Libertarians share the same belief when it comes to education. They believe that schools are indoctrination camps into Marxism. Somehow Marxists have brainwashed liberals into spreading their doctrine in the public schools, specifically into our systems of higher education. All three of them will tell you that if you don’t want your children to be liberal Marxists than you shouldn’t send them to liberal schools. You should educate them yourselves, at least until the liberal educators are successfully removed & schools will stop being indoctrination caps.

I never exactly believed that little nugget of joy, I mean, if I brought Mein Kampf in my higher education indoctrination camp, I wouldn’t have had to pee in the alley behind a church. I certainly wouldn’t have had too much Borders coffee, I wouldn’t have had to rush out of the comic book store, to catch an L to make it home so I could piss.

But then, encouraging people not to get an education until they stop indoctrinating people against YOUR point of view is a handy thing.

Now I could get into Zinn, or Chomsky, or Mill here, but really, I think Ben Franklin sums it up best.

“Revolutions are always legal in the first person, as in “our revolution.” It’s only in the third person, “their revolution” that they become illegal.”

I do have a soft spot in my heart for old Ben Franklin. He reminds me of Mike Ditka. You know Mike Ditka hit it big, he could give a press photographer the middle finger, still be respected as a coach, & people will hang the picture of him flipping the bird in their dens. Anyone else would have suffered from the bird, but not Ditka.

The same goes for Ben Franklin, although, his middle finger was an academic essay entitled Fart Proudly. It might not have been as low brow as the bird, but the intent was exactly the same & he was just as respected after. Besides, any man that can make a bat-lamp with a giant cock & donate it to the Hellfire Club while still being respected as a great mind has my vote.

The bottom line is, I read Fifty Shades of Gray.

Not because I didn’t think it would be trash, but because it was making its way through the censor list. Any book that someone takes the time to censor is a book that I feel obligated to take the time to read, & you should too. And this is just as true, as Mill would say, for societal censorship as it is for government censorship.

It’s really just a game of who votes in politics. Marx said “Democracy is the truth of Monarchy, Monarchy is not the truth of Democracy.” Hitler would take away your vote for a dictatorship, that’s fine. But Libertarians & conservatives will take it away for privatization & a corporation. I mean, once you wash away the propaganda & indoctrination, one simple fact remains, you can vote in government, you have the right to vote in government. In privatized government, you don’t have that right, not unless you are wealthy enough to own a very large amount of stock. When you wash it clean, there is no difference, anyway you look at it, Libertarian, Nazi, Conservative, you have lost the right to vote. You have lost the right to have your say.

Because, ultimately, you cannot escape either propaganda or indoctrination. Those two specters haunt the world. But you can educate yourself so you know what you are being told.

You should have pride in everything you read, from Mein Kampf to Fifty Shades of Gray, & if you don’t, then fuck it, buy them anyway, you can always piss in an alley on your way home.


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