There are certain statistics out there that only idiots really react to.

“Most shark attacks happen in three feet of water.”

“Most car accidents happen within twenty miles of the home.”

“Most fatal accidents happen in the home.”

My little sister is pretty paranoid about driving in twenty miles of her home. I suppose its good, unless you are in the car with her & have to deal with all the extra safety precautions that she goes through, especially now that she has a baby. Safety precautions that she will drop when visiting me in Chicago, thirty-miles away from her home. Chicago isn’t in her accident radius, she drops her guard there. Despite the fact that it’s probably more dangerous.

She hadn’t stopped to think about the glaring obvious logic behind it.

Most car accidents happen within twenty miles of the home because most people drive within that distance.

Most shark attacks happen in three feet of water because most people swim within three feet of water.

Most fatal accidents happen in the home because that’s where most people hang.

People that believe those statistics, don’t follow the logic behind them. They assume that they are there because of some more ominous reason than simple majorities. They understand that Willie Sutton robbed banks, but don’t take his word on the reasons why.

But then, the people that repeat those stats, they do it because they know its going to make people freak out for no real reason. I know, I told my sister about the accidents within twenty miles of the home.

I Libertarians are the main people that take those facts and use them in entirely idiotic ways. I know this for a fact, I have a friend named Jen, she is a libertarian, & just roped me into another argument. I try to not let her rope me into them, mainly because they are circles of irrational logic, but I couldn’t help it this time. Like so many times before, she was going off on a tangent about the most ill informed things on earth & I couldn’t help but walk into her little trap.

She goes through these bull shit conspiracy theory websites, finds one that she believes is of the utmost importance, & then posts them on her home page on Facebook & then sends them out to everyone & their mothers. Some people actually believe her.

Last night it was:

“The Turkish government is using Agent Orange (AKA Napalm) on Protestors.”

I started by trying to explain the difference between Napalm & Agent Orange. And then I attempted to explain what Agent Orange does & what Napalm does & how the article she posted doesn’t really describe the effects of either, what it describes is tear gas.

But that doesn’t matter. I missed the point entirely. I don’t understand the word “free.” I don’t understand that if we only got rid of government regulations than corporations like Monsanto would stop poisoning our food.

So then I do the rational thing, I ask why the regulations were put in place in the first place.

It turns out that I am an idiot because I don’t know that they were put in place to force Monsanto to poison food so that the government will have more control over the people. And there is proof, Monsanto has former employees on the Supreme Court & in congress. If we only removed the regulations & brought back a free market economy that will allow Monsanto to do anything they want than Monsanto will go away and organic farmers will all get their farms back.


This made no sense to me. But she had the links to prove it.

The thing is, some of what she was saying was actually true.

The majority of car accidents do happen within twenty-miles of the home.

But the conclusions she drew from them, the conclusions that the websites said were incorrect.

The majority of car accidents happen within twenty-miles of your home because the drivers are more reckless within twenty-miles of your home.

It’s a hard thing to argue against, especially given her belief that documented history is full of lies propagated by the shadow conspiracy consisting of the Illuminati, Free Masons, & Bilderbergs that actually control the world. The history that I know, is a lie to keep their existence a secret from the general public. A successful lie since they first took over the world, by infiltrating every government across the globe, back when they were still calling themselves the Knights Templar.


Its a hard thing to argue against, especially since the people that believe this also believe that anything that is not this is a lie.

I mean, your only argument is “that’s not true.” Anything you say to defend reality is instantly suspect.

Jen, like so many other people in America, lives in a world without Sutton’s Law, without Occam’s Razor. It’s a new American way of viewing the world, a way that accepts the fantastical before it accepts the likely, obvious & reasonable.

Jen has a lot of people that support her on Facebook. The blogs that argue her point of view, have a lot of followers. Zietgiest has a lot of ardent fans that support everything the video says.

A lot of people think they are questioning everything when they latch onto a conspiracy theory, they think they are being logical, they think they are asking the right questions when they buy into all of this. They think their eyes are open.

And they are questioning things.

But they are also blindly following the conspiracy theory. They aren’t stopping on questioning the conspiracy theory because they are too focused on questioning, well, reality.

They hear hoofbeats behind them & instantly think “zebra,” not “horse.”

But they take it to the extreme. When you turn them around & show them the horse, they assume that it only looks like a horse because you painted the zebra to fool them.


I think it’s a product of religion.

I’m Catholic, I’m used to people saying “blindly follow.”

America, since the Jesus Freak movement that overtook the hippie movement, is used to religion. We are used to “blindly following.” But we don’t want to any longer, we want to rebel. We just don’t know how.

So instead we question the things that we had blindly followed in the past, & we do it while we blindly follow something else.

Unfortunately, what we are blindly questioning is reason & logic & facts along with institutions like science & assuming that by questioning these things we are overturning the old institutions of government & religion.

Jen calls herself an anarchist while she argues for corporate control over America. She doesn’t realize that you can vote for who represents you in the government, but not the corporations. But still, she assumes, she believes, that by doing this, she is fighting for a more democratic America.

It’s one of the problems, we as a nation are facing. Too many of us believe that government is the problem. Too many of us believe that by getting rid of government & supporting a free market controlled completely by business, we are making our country free. We are then giving Americans more of a say, by the murder of democracy for corporate control of everything.

What we have is the complete & utter rejection of logic & reason, the rejection of the obvious & provable for the embrace of the far fetched & unprovable. We are ding it because we want to rebel against the people that were telling us to blindly follow while they destroyed the environment & our economy, but we are supporting them in our rebellion.

If we stopped to think, we’d realize that our rebellion, the Libertarian Rebellion, the Ayn Rand Rebellion isn’t a rebellion at all.


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