Alright, I know, I don’t usually do reviews. But I know this guy & this guy, is like a bald version of John Cusack’s character in High Fidelity. A bald version, just to stress the point. The man has no hair, he really hasn’t since high school. It was odd. He graduated from high school & then it all fell out.

At any rate, I think I met him in the third grade. There abouts. It’s honestly hard to remember when your history goes back that far & its not with a woman. Women, they remember the time you first met, but then they also remember shit like birthdays. Men don’t, so men, when they have known each other since they were little kids, they can’t give you an exact date, or an exact year. All they know is that they have been friends if not for their entire lives than at least for the entirety of their active memory.

So this guy I know, he’s sort of like a brother to me, one of those friends your mother will get mad if he forgets her birthday. Everyone has at least one or two friends like that, one or two of those people that are family in every way but blood. Chris is that type of family.

Chris is also an audiophile in the way that makes it a dirty word, an unhealthy obsession. Like Obsessed people he talks about music all the time. Like a brother I listen to him when he talks about it. Like a brother I argue with him about it. He’s only a few months younger than me & still has his high school dream job. He has been working in record stores since he was seventeen & to be honest, a record store is exactly where he belongs.

That last part, I don’t mean it as an insult. When I walk into a record store…if I ever walked into a record store that he didn’t work at, I would expect to find someone like him, because Best Buy doesn’t hire people like him, I don’t buy my music from them. I want record store employees to know more about music than I do, I want people at movie rental shops to know more about movies & TV than me, I want mechanics to know more about cars than me & I want my doctors to know more about medicine than me.

Before the recession, it used to work that way. I used to teach history, I used to work in a camera shop. Chris, well somehow he kept on working at record stores, despite the internet, despite the recession.

So here you go, man, the list. I’ve finally made one.

The Most Beautiful Rock Songs

100) Tonight, Tonight –The Smashing Pumpkins
99) Imagine –John Lennon
98) What do I do Now? –Sleeper
97) Here’s Where the Story Ends — The Sundays
96) Can’t Always Get What You Want — The Rolling Stones
95) I’m your Captain/Closer to Home— Grand Funk Railroad
94) The Whipping Post –The Allman Brothers
93) Hammer to Fall — Queen
92) Come Together — The Beatles
91) Brown Eyed Girl — Van Morrison
90) The Sweetest Thing — U2
89) Rock of Ages — Def Leppard
88) Better Man –Pearl Jam
87) Mouth — Bush
86) Nightclubbing — Iggy Pop
85) When I Come Around — Green Day
84) Guerrilla Radio — Rage Against the Machine
83) Stairway to Heaven — Led Zeppelin
82) Money — Pink Floyd
81) Fat Bottom Girls — Queen
80) I am the Walrus — The Beatles
79) Village Green Preservation Society — The Kinks
78) Highway Song — Iggy Pop
77) I Wanna be Sedated — The Ramones
76) Eleanor Rigby — the Beatles
75) One — U2
74) Linger— The Cranberries
73) Smells Like Teen Spirit — Nirvana
72) Where is My Mind — The Pixies
71) Salt of the Earth — The Rolling Stones
70) Alice’s Restaurant — Arlo Guthrie
69) The Ballad of the Devil’s Backbone Tavern — Todd Snider
68) Dimples — John Lee Hooker
67) Message of Love — Jimi Hendrix
66) Time is on My Side — The Rolling Stones
65) Its the End of the World — R.E.M
64) Born to Run — Bruce Springsteen
63) Walk on the Wild Side — Lou Reed
62) Spill the Wine — War
61) Police and Thieves — The Clash
60) Beat on the Brat — The Ramones
59) Sex/ I am — Lovage
58) Since I Left You — The Avalanches
57) Round Our Way — Oasis
56) Pussy — Brazilian Girls
55) Lowrider — War
54) Eve of Destruction — Barry McGuire
53) Sympathy For the Devil — The Rolling Stones
52) White Room — Cream
51) Hey Joe — Jimi Hendrix
50) Wake Up — Rage Against the Machine
49) War — Bruce Springsteen
48) War — Edwin Starr
47) Like a Rolling Stone — Bob Dylan
48) Lithium — Nirvana
47) Simple Man — Lynyrd Skynyrd
46) Hollywood Babylon — The Misfits
45) Sweet Jane — Lou Reed
44) Wayward Son — Kansas
43) Going to California — Led Zeppelin
42) Superstitious — Stevie Wonder
41) Damn Right I Got the Blues — Buddy Guy
40) Going up the Country — Canned Heat
40) Alright Guy — Todd Snider
39) Straight to Hell — The Clash
38) Heart-Shaped Box — Nirvana
37) Freedom — Rage Against the Machine
36) Comfortably Numb — Pink Floyd
35) Kansas City— Albert King
34) Mixin’ the Colors — Iggy Pop
33) Never Been to Spain — Three Dog Night
32) Born Under a Bad Sign — Koko Taylor & Buddy Guy
31) 1979 — The Smashing Pumpkins
30) bitter Sweat Symphony — The Verve
29) Three Little Birds — Bob Marley
28) Ramble On — Led Zeppelin
27) The Crossroads — Cream
26) Going to Mississippi — Magic Slim
25) Come as You Are — Nirvana
24) Sweet Home Chicago — Buddy Guy& Everyone Else on Earth
23) Travelin Riverside Blues — Led Zeppelin
22) One Way Out — The Allman Brothers
21) Thunder Road — Bruce Springsteen
20) Good Riddance — Green Day
19) Big Walter’s boogie — Big Walter Horton
18) Mustang Sally — Buddy Guy
17) Boom Boom — John Lee Hooker
16) I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For — U2
15) All Apologize — Nirvana
14) in a gadda da vida — Iron Betterfly
13) Space Oddity — David Bowie
12) Bohemian Rhapsody — Queen
11) Zombie — The Cranberries
10) There is Power in the Union — Billy Bragg
9) Into the Mystic — Van Morrison
8) Fortunate Son — Creedence Clearwater Revival
7) Chicago — Graham Nash
6) Still in Saigon — Charlie Daniels Band
5) won’t get fooled again — The Who
4) Ballad of Ira Hayes — Johnny Cash
3) Sunday Bloody Sunday — U2
2) When the Levee Breaks — Led Zeppelin
1) For What Its Worth — Buffalo Springfield


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