No one has ever asked me, but if they did, I would say that On Liberty, by Mill, is probably one of the most important documents that anyone has ever contrived for the social & political advancement of civilization. This is mainly because of the section that deals with the Freedom of Thought & Discussion. That document alone civilizes the world. Not a lot of people are going to agree with that. In fact, a lot of people believe that if you don’t agree with something, then it is best to either not say anything at all, or at least sent the writer a private e-mail voicing your complaints.

A lot of my friends that read this, they have opted for the e-mail. This is a shame. More of you should post on the shit you don’t agree with if for no other reason than the courtesy of open debate. Believe, a lot of the shit that I post, I know its bull shit before I even type it, or at least the things I write about politics.

It hurts, especially since my friends know that I’m always itching for a fight & would love to post a reply.

That being said:

1) A certain ex-girlfriend that has relocated to LA, & her current boyfriend have taken issue with some of the things I said in “People of the World Part 1.” I am sorry, but I am forced to stand by my observation that people from California have no sense of geography. Until you can disprove it honey, until you & your boyfriend can name a country that borders Switzerland without checking your smartphone, than that statement stays.

Che’s Section

2) Che, I am sorry I didn’t mention Australians.

You guys make a showing EVERYWHERE the world over, but I know that I have stated multiple times that no matter where you go, you run into Australians & you Vics are a godsend when you find yourself in sleazy part of China where no one speaks English. Aussies have saved my ass before, as a people you are the green berets of Globe Trotters.

The reason Australians were not included was because I have never been to Australia. I have not visited Australia because I have it on good authority, Che, that I shouldn’t complain about Africa because everything in Australia is far more venomous & will drop me dead in a heartbeat. A part of me also believes that since every single time I travel on the cheap I meet about a dozen of your countrymen, Australia might just be a code word for “hostel” & not an actual country.

Seriously though, no matter where you go in this world, you can depend on Australians to lend a helping hand. They are the ambassadors of the world & often the rescuers of stupid white Chicagoan tourists. Especially those of us dumb enough to go to Baotou by ourselves.

3) I have not been to Southeast Asia & I do not believe that I lumped them into what I experienced in China, Japan, & Korea. I’m sorry I gave you that impression, Che. However, I cannot openly or honestly comment on anything other than China, Korea, & Japan & in the future I will not lump the people of an entire continent into three countries, especially when it is an area as large as Asia.

So I do apologize to every Asian that is NOT from China, Japan, & South Korea.

4) I stand by my statement on Indian food, Che.

—Next time post the complaint, Che, that way its a part of public Record–

Now that Che is out of the way…

5) Dear little sister, you are family, so I am going to go hard on you & your snobbish conservative suburban teacher’s ass.

A) Anyone with half a brain would have understood that I was not advocating destroying special education programs or denying special education students the right to a free public education. I was making the argument that we shouldn’t cut funding to students without IEPs so that spec ed kids can get even more resources than the ones that they already have. It’s not a utilitarian way to spend edu funding & what’s worse, it’s not pragmatic.

B) I’m just going to go out on a limb here & say three months teaching an inner city class probably makes someone more experienced than your five-years in a white suburban elementary school.

C) I understand that you start out at about twenty-grand over the starting salary of a Chicago teacher, that doesn’t mean that you are a better teacher & have higher qualifications, it simply means you are teaching in the rich white suburbs.

That’s about it. Cheers.


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