OK, now let’s talk about the really fucked up things that I have seen. The people I have met in my travels that have honestly frightened me, the people that have broken my heart & the people that I just cannot tolerate.

Asians, nope, I don’t understand them. Sure, the Asian-Americans I understand just fine, but that’s really only the Western part of the culture that makes sense to me. Eastern culture & philosophy doesn’t exactly register with me on a very primal level. Its the Westerner in me, but I am almost violently opposed to Eastern thought & philosophy. If you go to California you will meet a lot of Western people that embrace Eastern philosophy & religions as a means of peace, as a means of achieving enlightenment by eliminating wants & desires. It sounds really good on the surface, but what they are really embracing is a series of lies & propaganda.

I’m sorry, I know it sounds horrible, it really does, but I’ve read A LOT of Eastern thought & philosophy. I’ve read enough to embrace certain sayings. Like Lao Tzu’s: “A good traveler has no set destination & is not intent on arriving,” that I can agree with. But the parts of it I can agree with, are like Kerouac’s view on life; “good from moment to moment, but poor, on the whole, for lack of design.”

Ultimately I have to pull the bull shit card on Eastern thought, philosophy, & religion. Ultimately what it is, is a system to brainwash people into conforming into one mold so that an autocratic & authoritarian power structure has less to fear of revolution or potential uprisings. It’s a way of making the masses of the people consent to their own rape. I really have to pull the bull shit card on that one & it’s not because I’m a white American that prizes the individual too much, it’s because I’m a white American that doesn’t believe tradition allows the rich & powerful to rape everyone else.

The Japanese are a great example of this. A Holocaust is NEVER going to happen again in Germany. I can guarantee you that. the German people will not let it happen. Germans are vigilant against it & they go through a great pain to remember that history so they can assure that it will never happen again. The Japanese committed atrocities that rivaled the German’s, but the Japanese, they don’t teach it in school & unlike the German’s, they aren’t at all ashamed about the sins of their fathers. As far as the Japanese are concerned, they did nothing wrong.

Russia went through a period of De-Stalinization after Joe passed away. The Chinese, they don’t seem to mind that their leaders killed millions of their own people. And it’s not like they are blind to it, a lot of them know what happened & seem to blame the victims for upsetting the status quo. Now they will blame the Japanese for the horrors that they committed in WWII, but they won’t admit that the death that they caused is or was wrong at all.

I don’t like that in a culture, but then, I’m an American that will openly apologize for the illegal wars that my government started & the lives that were lost because of the sins we committed. I will apologize without hesitation for that load of bull shit, because, honestly, I feel guilty that my own people would do that & I carry that guilt & shame with me when I travel abroad. I think, as a people, you should do that, you should acknowledge that what your leaders did was wrong, you shouldn’t defend it or ignore it. Asians don’t seem to care when their government kills people, they only seem to care when another government kills their people.

It’s also because I’m not a capitalist at heart. I’m really not a capitalist at all, & even though Asia has a shared philosophy of denying materialism, it has spawned a culture that is far more capitalistic & materialistic than any American could dream of, to the point where the want of Ivory trumps the extinction of a species. There’s a lot of greed in America, but most Americans, even the money hungry Republicans, will avoid ivory anything for want to save elephants. I know a lot of Asians, mainly Koreans & Chinese, & just about everyone of them, at least everyone that was born in Asia, could care less about life if it meant owning a status symbol.

Westernized Asians, I have no problem with, but Asians from Japan, China, & Korea I have come to the conclusion, have little respect of life other than their own. I’ve also come to the conclusion that they openly want other people & their own women to submit to them. It’s an odd place, Asia, a place where the people are really far more racist than even the British of the Southern redneck Americans. There is something about that area that I just don’t like on a philosophical & cultural level. To me, it stinks of greed, conformity, & death.

Africa also stinks of Death. I’ve been to Africa once & it scared the shit out of me. I’m never going back there, at least not without an army to protect me. And in Africa, I had it easy, I was a white guy in Africa, the very last thing I’d want to be is a Black man in Africa.

OK, fine, the people were great. They had nothing compared to Europe & America & were willing to give you anything just to show they were hospitable & kind. It breaks the heart. But that’s not enough to ever make me want to go back to that place, Africa can have the greatest & nicest people on the face of the globe, but it will still get you killed.

There seems to have been two militant groups in the very small place in Africa that I visited. The good guys, the guys that were protecting the people, or so I was told, they all dressed like Tupac & drove around in trucks with machine guns & really wore no markings that clearly defined who they were. The bad guys, they also dressed like Tupac & drove around in trucks with machine guns and had no clearly defined markings.

The locals caught in between the chaos, the locals that we were building kilns for, they could tell the difference between one group & the other, but I couldn’t.

Not that it mattered. If you don’t get killed in the crossfire than you’d end up shitting yourself to death. I had my simple routing, I’d place a brick & then run to the bathroom, have diarrhea & then place another brick & run to the bathroom again. When I wasn’t trying to help build the kiln I was in the bathroom with diarrhea or sweating in the shade & trying to consume as much liquid as humanly possible just to stay alive.

In Africa, you have to constantly be on your guard. Everything will kill you. Even the flies, they are not just bugs, they bite. I know, who cares, right, the flies in Maine bite. But the difference is that the flies in Africa will put you in a coma & kill you with a single bite. If the flies don’t kill you, the snakes will, or any other species that roams through Africa.

It’s no wonder the people there are really nice. Life there is too short to be anything but nice. The government will kill you, the anti-government will kill you, the water will kill you, the food will kill you, the heat will kill you, the animals will kill you, the flies will kill you. Everything in Africa will kill you. It’s an entire continent of death.

Now Chiapas, a lot of things will kill you there as well, but you know what, there is far less that will kill you in the darkest jungle in Chiapas than the cleanest home in Africa.

To be honest, the Mayans still freak me out a little. It’s really the language that freaks the me out. I have been exposed to a lot of different languages, but some of the ones in South and Central America freak the hell out of me. They sound unnatural & ominous to me, not just different. Chinese sounds different, Navajo sounds different, but Mayan sounds disconcerting to me. The language itself frightens me.

When they speak Spanish it’s a whole different story. A Mayan that speaks Spanish is not frightening. A Mayan that speaks Spanish is a human being. A Mayan that speaks Mayan is somehow terrifying, & whats worse is there is the occasional Spanish word mixed in, one word that you can recognize in a slew of terrifying syllables, it only makes it more ominous. I really don’t know what it is that scares me so about it. All I can say is that the language just doesn’t sound human to me & I wasn’t really able to move beyond it. I still have nightmares about people speaking Mayan.

But the Mayans, at least the ones I experienced when I was down there in college, they are super protective of their history. It’s not to say that they don’t have the scum-of-the-earth tomb raiders amongst them, but the Mayan’s they will guard their heritage against those bastards & they will do it for free. They will actually volunteer their time to guard their historical sites & when they find a new one, they will notify the authorities & guard that one as well. They make sure that their heritage remains intact.

Now you have to respect that. There is a real devotion there. These people are poor, sure, & one raided tomb will probably set them up for years if they bring a handful of simple artifacts to the black market. But they don’t do that. You get the impression that they are willing to fight to the death to preserve their heritage.

You really have to respect that. In Europe & Asia & Africa the government has to protect the heritage sites because the people will destroy them for profit. But the Mayans will do it themselves. The rest of the world is willing to destroy their past for an HDTV, the Native Americans are so reactionary they refuse to learn from it, but the Mayans are intent on guarding it for science, they guard it to replace the knowledge & traditions the Catholic Church & the Spanish destroyed, & brings a tear to my eye.

Now Mexicans…Fuck it. Most of the people that read this are probably Americans & if you are American you grew up with Mexicans, they were your friends & neighbors, & even though you might not speak Spanish, you’re probably like me where can at least read it fine. So, yeah, talking about Mexicans, as a people, is like trying to explain what a Chicagoan is to a Chicagoan, it’s an exercise in redundancy. Bottom line is, people like me, we should be able to speak Spanish better & conservatives should give up, Latino’s are the present & future of America, accept it & move on to another group to hate. Or better yet, change your argument entirely, it proved false when you were hanging N.I.N.A. signs in your shop windows, it proved false a generation later when you switched from the Irish to the Germans, & history suggests that it’s going to prove false here as well.

Muslims. Muslims I have no problem with. I’ve been to Michigan many times in my life. Muslims are good people, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell them that daddy is a Jew.

And that brings us to Israel. Everyone has to go there once, For starters, it is the center of the Earth the crossroads of history. You are surrounded by history, from the Ancient Egyptians to the present. There’s no way to really describe it.

The first place I ever went to abroad was Germany & in the Munich airport, right after I finally got to stretch my legs from the flight across the Atlantic, I saw a clothing store that was established in the 12th Century. Four-hundred-years before America was really put on the maps, six-hundred-years before the United States even came into being. Seeing that clothing store floored me. I will remember that feeling for the rest of my life. I had left the New World & landed in the Old World,a world far older than I was able to comprehend at 18.

Israel isn’t the Old World. Israel is the Ancient World. You can see things that are older than time itself. You can go places that existed before the written word. It humbles you, it really does, & its hard to explain.

But Israel has its problems, because of its location it always had those problems. The problems in Israel are older than the eight-century-illegal occupation of Ireland. Israel is a small strip of land that has seen conflict since before recorded history & the battle for Israel hasn’t slowed one bit.

My theory on Isreal, the way I view it comes from the movie Kingdom of Heaven. A place like that, a place that is the center of history & three major religions, well, as the movie said: “None have claim, all have claim.”

I realize that I was raised Catholic. Judaism, for those that don’t know, gets passed down by the mother’s side. Dad might have been a Jew, but all that really means is that I was going to get raised in whatever faith my mother followed. In this case, I was going to be raised Irish catholic. So maybe dad doesn’t give me the blood line that will allow me to say anything bad about the Jews & not be labeled “antisemitic.”

But you know what? My father is a Jew & there is a big motherfucking difference between a Jew & a Goddamned Zionist. I’ll tell you what it is, a Jew will tell you “never again.” A Jew is going to believe that a genocide is wrong no matter who is doing it & where it is done. A Zionist, on the other hand, is going to tell you that “never again” only applies to a genocide against the Jews & genocides against Palestinians is perfectly fine.

One of the biggest problems in Israel is that there are too many Zionists & not enough Jews. OK, so they might not have concentration camps, but if you go there it’s easy to tell that they are close to building them. The concentration camps don’t exist in Israel at the moment, but the Zionists have done a pretty good job of recreating the Warsaw Ghettos.

If you go to Israel & you have the balls to visit the Palestinian areas, it disgusts you. It really does. It makes you livid, it blinds you with rage. One visit to the ghetto that the Zionists are forcing the Muslims to live in will turn you against Israel in a heart beat. Especially if, you know, you had family that died in the holocaust.

OK, I know that I & my father were too young to have even met the family members that died in the holocaust. But we know their names, we’ve gone to the holocaust museums, we know they were in the Jewish Ghettos. We know what the Nazis did to them. It was a tragedy & I honestly don’t hold the holocaust against the Germans. But the Jews should know better & it is disgusting when you go to Israel & they tell you with a straight face that the life in the ghettos they created for the Palestinians is, well, “separate but equal.”

I don’t care who you are. If you are a human being, you have to have an innate disgust whenever you hear anyone imply that something is separate but equal.

And then you go there & it’s not even that. It’s not the pre Civil Rights Southern United States “separate but equal.” It is a hell of a lot worse than that. The Blacks in the south didn’t have to dig tunnels to Egypt just so they could get food into their ghettos. It’s Warsaw Ghetto. The Zionists in Israel, they are honestly Jewish Nazis.

So yeah, you really have to go to Israel to see the history & then you have to go to the ghettos, where all the death is, so that you can see the truth. Because they will lie to you about it, they will try to keep it hidden, just like the Nazis did & the more people that go there & see it, the less we will support it. The less our governments will support it. Because ultimately, “Never Again.” it means “NEVER AGAIN.” That applies to Muslims just as soon as it applies to the Jews.

Now beyond the Palestinians, beyond Israel, beyond Michigan, I can’t give you an honest first hand account of the Middle East or its people. I haven’t had the balls to actually go there.

India is next on my list. I haven’t been there yet, but I have had their food. Their food, its one of the reasons that I’d rather not visit India. I’ve had their food in Chicago, I’ve had it in London. I hate Indian food, but most of the Indian people I’ve met are really good people. So its a toss up, it seems cool & exotic, but I really, I just don’t know if I can eat nothing but Indian food for that long. I mean, I get tired of France after a couple of days & their food isn’t all that bad.

Still, India, in the next few generations, is probably going to hold the title of the oldest civilization on Earth. To most rational history nuts, it already holds the title of the oldest sustained civilization. That alone is worth checking out.


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