It’s not what you think.  Windows 8 killed me, but because of it, I found a treasure trove of my lost pics that I have been slowly taking off CDs.  Over 100 gigs so far, dating back to high school.  There’s a shit ton more, over 100 gigs & I’m still finding CDs & DVDs full of pics.  With luck, I might have only lost two years.

What we have here are the early years, those wonder years of the 1990s, God I miss that decade.  It wasn’t just that we were young back then, there’s more too it.  The world wasn’t as fucked up back then.  It got really fucked really fast after the 90s ended.  That’s a part of it, finding employment was certainly easier.  I think I fell in love a little deeper then.  The music was better, the movies were better.  It was really the last good decade in American history, everything after, socially & politically is sort of the dark ages.

And all of my friends, well, they were all right down the block & not scattered over the globe.  I’ve made a lot more since then, but the ones from the 90s are still my favorites & I still see them as often as I can.

The rules for kids back then, they were different too.  We smoked, we drank, we partied, but we still got good grades, even if the police might have occasionally brought us home.  It was expected of youth back then, at least where we were growing up.  Mon & Dad would host the parties & sometimes buy the booze for us, they were kosher as long as we didn’t drive.  We were expected to get wild, to laugh too loud, to get into trouble.  We were expected to be teenagers.  Now, it seems, teenagers are expected to be little kids & it breaks my heart to see how some adults treat them, especially since, well, look at the pictures.  We have no room to talk.

PR11071445804 PR11071445891 PR11071445899 PR11071445803 PR11071445823 PR11071445826 PR11071445837 PR11071445839 PR11071445870 PR11071445877 PR11071445879 PR11071445880 PR11071445894 PR11071445895 PR110714458104

PR11071446001 PR11071446006 PR11071446009 PR11071446011 PR11071446015 PR11071446043 PR110714460131 PR11071461940 PR11071461950 PR11071461951 Alex shoot Alex Starbucks Alex stress Alex X Mirror Nate Scream NEIU Stair rail Rain x-files


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