For starters, just a little comment about Boston;  I don’t know who did it yet, but I do want point out that when Rome finally did fall, it was the people that it starved & the army that it trained that brought it to ruin.

OK, now that Boston is out of the way, let’s talk about sex crimes.  I’d like to first make the statement that I don’t support rape & I certainly don’t support child pornography.  I want to make that very clear, so I will repeat it; I don’t support rape & I certainly don’t support child pornography.  I want to make that very clear because I very much think that sex crimes & the laws around them are too strict in America.

Now, now, hear me through, don’t interrupt.

Here’s an example.  I had to, in my job as a security guard; escort a registered sex offender to and from a parent-teacher meeting.  The lady in question has been a registered sex offender since she was eighteen.  It’s tragic.  Her crime was performing oral sex in a state where it was against the law & the sex crime is haunting her for the rest of her life.  She is restricted from certain occupations & she is restricted from living in certain locations.  All because of a blow job in a parked car somewhere in the south west.

I support blow jobs.

I support blow jobs so much that I think her crime was ridiculous in the first place & the fact that it is following her is just absurd.  She should NOT be a registered sex offender, but to be honest, that probably got her more dates.

Now let’s move over to child pornography.  I actually know a convicted child pornographer.  In all honesty, I know two convicted child pornographers.  That is what happens when you become a teacher in this day & age.  Especially if you teach high school kids that make the stupid mistake that high school kid’s make & especially when those high school kids have over-reactive parents.

Now I’m in my thirties.  I am too old to have become a child pornographer at sixteen or seventeen.  Cell phones just didn’t have cameras when I was that age.  Cell phones didn’t have cameras & teenagers couldn’t really afford them.

But they can now.  Cell phones have cameras.  That’s a fact.  Teenagers are going to fuck.  That’s also a fact, & some of them are going to sext one another.  You can’t stop that.  There is an obvious danger in that.  I mean, who wants a nude picture of their teenaged son or daughter on the internet?

So yes, there is a danger in that.  But to convict a couple of teenagers for child pornography for sexting each other is insane.  You are destroying these kids lives because they were stupid teenagers.

The fact is, society is doing it because adults have forgotten what its like to be a horney teenager.

Now maybe mom & dad might not have done something that stupid when they were their children’s age.  But then, they were stupid enough to call the police when they found the pictures.  They obviously didn’t stop to think that one through.  They destroyed their children’s life & branded them forever as sex offenders because they didn’t stop to think of what the charges might actually be when they were trying to teach their teens a lesson.

Chances are I & some of the people my age & older that read this might have potentially been guilty of child pornography if that technology existed when we were teens.  We were young & stupid teens once too, even if we don’t want to admit to it.

If you think about it that way, maybe thirty-percent of teens in America are child pornographers.

I personally don’t have anything against teenaged sex.  I understand that they are going to do it & there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.  Hormones are part of the reason for that, so is biology.  I mean, up until about a century ago, teenagers were legally fucking & marrying, sometimes people older than them.  Especially if they were girls.  It is economic, social, & technological advancements that tells us today, as a society, that teenagers shouldn’t fuck.  But ultimately that’s uncontrollable.  Trying to stop teenagers from fucking is like trying to stop the weather, its just not going to happen.

With that point of view, its best to, not really encourage it, but to go through the effort to teach them how to do it responsibly.  Teach them about condoms & STDs & the potential embarrassment that comes with sexting.  That’s how you handle these situations.  You don’t forbid it, which will only encourage it.  And you certainly do not charge them for it.

If you charge teenagers for sexting or even fucking you are ruining their lives, potentially great lives, & ultimately it’s like holding people responsible for causing a tornado or an earth quake.

So yeah, I’m against the strict penalties for sex offenders, at least within reason.  If someone my age is taking pictures of children, then yes, lock them up.  If two teenagers are taking pictures of themselves naked & sending it to their significant other, use common fucking sense.

And really, honestly, there is nothing wrong with a good blow job.

4 thoughts on “Sex Offenders

  1. I hear about the lady with the blow job conviction. That’s stupid. The problem with kids sexting each other is that most kids are dumb as hell and they forward to another kid. Then the picture is spread quicker than herpes on college campus and THEN it’s a problem.

    • So I take it that you advocate destroying the lives of these “dumb as hell” teenagers by charging them with creating child pornography because they did something stupid? That is really cold hearted, man. You are taking away their lives before they even had a chance to start.

      Sure, its embarrassing having naked pictures of you spread around, but sex offender charges will destroy you. You think its worth destroying these kids lives because of hurt feelings?

      You missed the point of this blog.

      “Since the pictures were spread around & made Diane cry, the only responsible thing to do is to charge her & Jack with the creation & distribution of child pornography.”

      Do you honestly believe that is appropriate?

      • In Canada, these kids would get a slap on the wrist and would NOT be labelled a sex offender, so the consequences are different. If a boy sends pictures of his naked girlfriend, something she intended to be between the two of them, to all of his friend and they send them to all of their friends…yeah, I think he should be charged. Not as a pedaphile but for being a heartless dickhead. p.s. Here in Canada, we have had two girls commit suicide because of “hurt feelings” over pictures taken of them when they were drunk and couldn’t consent. Do honestly believe that’s appropriate?

  2. Appropriate? No, not at all. But I do believe that teenagers do stupid & hurtful things, just like adults do & I certainly don’t think that destroying a young man’s life over stupidity is an appropriate reaction to what could have potentially been a bright future. But then again.

    P.S. I think a major flaw in both the US & Canadian education systems is the cause in the recent spike in teenaged suicides over, yes, a little embarrassment & hurt feelings. I’d put the education system on trail instead of the kid that sent around the photos. I posted something about student suicides a while back, & my new post kind of touches on students killing themselves over hurt feelings as well.



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