I don’t know anymore.  I really don’t.  Did you know that you’re not a slave?  Now why doesn’t that apply to wage slaves?

It lasted until 2009.  Until 2009 I was gainfully & regularly employed.  I held a job for eight straight years, a full time job with benefits that paid more than minimum wage.  I left that job for a teaching position.

And then the school closed.

Ever since then, I’ve only found minimum wage jobs.  I’ve only found Minimum wage jobs that come with an end date.  They will hire me, they will pay me as little as they legally are allowed to & then they will let me go after three months.  Some of them will hire me back in another three months if I don’t already have another job.

Once, before I had to move back into my parent’s house, I got a minimum wage job at Noodles & Company.  That was awesome, it was minimum wage & you were not allowed to accept tips.  They paid me as little as legally possible & then they reinforced the fact that I could be fired for accepting tips.  No bull shit.  They eventually fired me because I couldn’t keep up, after my second day there.  So it goes.

I just recently pain a grand in taxes.  I’m financially destitute & still had to pay a grand in taxes because one of my employers paid me half as a W2 & half as a self-employed contractor.  They did it mainly because they didn’t want to pay the extra taxes & didn’t really tell me they were doing it.

I had to take my taxes to H&R Block because I couldn’t figure out how to file that way.  I learned a few things.  The first is that what that job did was illegal.  The second was that it wasn’t at all uncommon.  It turns out that a heck of a lot of companies are paying their employees that way because it pushes the taxes off completely on the employees & saves them a few bucks.  Most people don’t want to file charges against them; they just pay the extra taxes.

Had I not filed, I’d owe more than I had saved up.  So I filed a complaint against them.  It lowered my taxes a little.  Now I paid exactly what I had saved up, or rather, pretty close to it.  If my pay next check comes late, the checks will bounce.

But the job I had after that, the 1:1 teacher’s aide job that went away when the student went away.  That job didn’t even bother to send me my tax information, after twenty phone calls & a threat to call the IRS.  I could potentially get audited & I’m wondering what they had to gain by NOT sending me my tax information.

My current job as a security guard at a high school goes away on May 23rd, with the end of the school year.  The job that I am working on getting pays, you guessed it, minimum wage & requires a college degree.  It’s back in Chicago, which is good, but that’s a long way away from my parent’s basement.

I’ve applied for other jobs.  Most of which are minimum wage but closer.  Close enough to allow me to save up some money to potentially get a very small studio & live on an extremely tight budget.  Some of them are teaching positions that are out of state.  Mainly because Illinois doesn’t have any open & the state is actually closing schools.  I honestly don’t have much of a chance finding an out-of-state teaching job.  What teaching jobs are out there are slim to none & in the wealthy suburbs that pay well enough to keep their teachers around.

Getting a graduate degree was a waste of money.  It honestly was.  A waste of time & money.

Getting a college degree was also a waste of time & money.

When I was in high school they told me that getting a college degree would help me get a good job.  When I was in college they told me that teachers were in high demand.  That suited me fine; I always wanted to live in a world of history & really wanted to teach.

None of that came to pass.  In fact, honestly, I’m in a position where I’m looking for minimum wage jobs.  Some of them require a college degree.  Some of them only require a GED.  Some of them only require a pulse.  Most of them are for extremely large & extremely profitable companies.

I got my CNA/BNAT.  But those jobs are minimum wage as well.  So why apply to clean up shit & dirty diapers for minimum wage when I can apply to stock shelves for the same hourly rate?  I also got my PERC, which allows me to guard people for minimum wage.

I’m very literally paying money to try to make myself more marketable in the minimum wage job circuit, & I’m doing this with a BA & a Masters of Education already collecting dust in my pocket.

So it goes.

But it makes me wonder.  Is the problem the debt or the fact that people that are paying taxes aren’t making enough money to really contribute.  Wouldn’t raising the rate of pay help get rid of this debt?  I mean, you can’t exactly run a business if you make no income.

So really I’m pissed & depressed.

And it isn’t like I’m exactly picky about work.  I really can’t afford to be.  I’m willing to relocate.  I’m willing to work for minimum wage with no benefits.  My current job, the one I’m working until I lose it on May 23rd pays just over Minimum Wage & everyone there considers that a good paycheck, myself included.

If I was one of the three people that aren’t losing their job at the end of the school year, I could afford a studio & move out of my parents’ basement in a few months.  I’d even have a little in my pocket to spend…if my other job hadn’t screwed me on my taxes to save a few bucks.

So, does anyone have any work out there that I can do?  Anywhere?  Like I said, I’m willing to relocate.  No wife, I can’t afford one.  No girlfriend, I can’t afford one.  No family, no kids, I certainly cannot afford kids.  There was a time when I could.  During college, when I had that job that I worked for eight years straight, I could certainly afford a social life then.

I can’t go back to that job now, it no longer exists.  That’s not true, it still exists.  The company is gone, but I’ve applied for the same lab tech position at Wal-Greens & Wal-Mart, but it pays minimum wage now & comes with no benefits & they have yet to hire me, even when I lie on my application & erase my college education in place of a fake GED.

I’m highly educated.  At the job I’m working now, I average half-an-hour early every day.  I’m an overtime whore.  Since they have hired me I have worked a ton of over-time.  They don’t even ask me if I want it anymore, they just assume I’ll drop everything to get the hours & that’s an extremely safe assumption on their part.  I’m working sixty-hour weeks, sometimes more.

If you can give me a good job, I’ll relocate to anywhere & work sixty-hour weeks for you.  I’ll drop what little of a life I have left for a good job, I mean, why not?  My life is only work now in an effort to get enough money to get out of my parent’s basement again.








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