This job is exhausting, mainly because of the teachers. There are a lot of nice ones here, but there are others that have taken on the extra duty of reporting security. It’s awful; they report & complain about every lunch & every break that they see a security guard on. They don’t want us taking breaks at the security desk or in any of the teachers’ lounges. Keep in mind that, unlike the teachers in Chicago, these people only teach four hours a day & have to monitor one lunch or study hall. That’s a total of five hours work in a school day compared to the seven hours of classes inner city teachers have to work for far less pay & with twice as many students. The other problem is the scheduling. I’m scheduled to close at midnight one day, & then open at five in the morning the next. It makes for a hard day. Saturdays are even harder, Fridays I get off at midnight & Saturdays I work ten hours by myself starting at five in the morning. But every other week I have the weekend off, which is nice after a schedule that gives me less than three hours sleep between shifts every other day. It’s the product of being the low man on the totem pole, a product of working a minimum wage job. But still, eight hours of non stop walking is exhausting. There are two people on each shift, but one is assigned the front desk all day & the other is assigned to walk. I wouldn’t mind a new job, one that pays a living wage. But this is America, the lowest paid jobs are the ones that don’t come with breaks & lunches. You can try to fight it, but that gets you no where. It makes me wish I had a retail job where I can sit down for a little while each day & have a more flexible schedule. Oh well, now I know why security guards cut so many corners. I’ve already started to scope out places to hide for ten minutes at a time that will allow me to get off my feet. The plus side about every other Saturday is that it is ten and a half hours alone at the desk, I get to sit, but the down side is that there are no potty breaks. So it goes. But that’s what you get for a minimum wage job. That’s what I get for going to graduate school. I can hardly walk now. My calves are so swollen they are on the brink of tearing. If something does happen I don’t have the energy to get there in time. I’m in a daze


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