Hi there, so, um I’d like to dedicate this post to Mr. & Mrs. Suburban Parent.  It’s sort of directed at them & the parents that live in the major Cities & send their kids out to the secure schools that cost an arm & a leg & only take so many students per year.  It’s dedicated to them, because, well, they are the parent’s who have children at risk.

It’s not really the type of risk that one finds in the inner city schools that can’t afford expensive private security companies.  Generally those schools don’t have much more than a single guard sitting behind an empty card table in the front lobby.  They can’t afford to pay for the vast computer systems that other schools enjoy…or at least that has been my experience.

So any way, Mr. & Mrs. Suburban Parent, your children are at risk because of technology & private security companies.  I know this because I was just hired on as a security guard at a school & was just trained on how to work the front desk.  It’s terrifyingly insecure.

For starters. it would take me longer to guess the log on than it would the password.  Actually, in all honesty, the password would be cracked on my third attempt.  So it goes.  From there, if i were a bored teenager hacking the security desk, or worse, a pedophile, I’d have all the information I need to pick you your child.

If you hack the security desk you will get the parents names & occupations, home address, cell phone numbers, the students date of birth, & class schedule.  You will seriously get all the information you need to call the student out & answer the questions at the front desk.

I thought it might only be my specific place of work.  So I went out of the way & hacked into the three surrounding schools that use the same company.  Then I tried the same thing with out competition.  I was in their student database in less than ten minutes total for each school.  I tried fourteen schools with private security firms, they work the exact same way with only slight differences.

If you can get into one with ease you can get into them all with ease.  The passwords, on average, are only seven characters & horribly obvious once you learn a couple of simple facts.

This is odd, because I couldn’t hack into all of the school systems, or even the majority.  Most of the ones I got into I did through individual teachers accounts & not the school’s account, & only then because they were obvious sports fans.  I’m just not computer savvy enough to get into most of the schools I tried, through the school system.

But the private security firms, they practically held the door open for me.  I was honestly shocked when I learned the passwords.  They are the ones I normally try just in case the administrator was an idiot.  They really are, the passwords that will give a pedophile access to your children are the passwords that a hacker will try in the off chance that the people are that fucking stupid.

So I’m going to make a big deal out of this when I go to work on Tuesday in the hopes that I can alter company policy to not be complete & total idiots, but I urge you, concerned parent, to check into it as well.  Especially if you have elementary school students that attend a school with a private security guard.  Those are the ones at the most risk from the security guards computer illiteracy.

But then, I suppose that’s a product of getting what you pay for.  You can’t really expect smart people to really give a shit about your children when you only pay minimum wage.  I mean, only desperate people like myself take that type of job.  You want serious people to guard your children & assure their safety without cutting corners, you have to pay them more than they’d make at McDonald’s.


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