OK, I made a fair few claims about my co-workers at the new job a couple of days ago.  So now I figure I’ll set the record straight.

1) the retired cop isn’t a retired cop.  He’s a retired Postal Employee.  He hasn’t actually been a cop since the seventies ended.  But he was a Chicago Cop from the early seventies to the early eighties.  So i will give myself props for being half right.

He doesn’t trust me because I’m new, but it is totally apparent that he isn’t getting along with the boss, who I have been calling Type-A.

2) Ex-Military.  I was wrong about her too.  She has been out for two years not less than a year.  But, she is having a hell of a time adapting to civilian life.  She is a control freak–I would never want to work for her–& is having problems because she is yelling at the students like they’re her enlisted men.  You can’t do that to high school kids, they are going to respond with a “fuck you.”  It’s easy enough to make a suggestion & let them think it’s their idea.  Ex-Military hasn’t gotten the mind set to do that.

She doesn’t like Type-A because she’s & Type-A are the only women on the morning shift & Type-A. being the manager, doesn’t feel the need to share that work, thus ex-military is missing breaks & lunches & is on her feet for 8 hours straight.

3) I was dead on with the rat.  So far everyone has told me to watch out for him.  Now he doesn’t complain about the boss, but he does have his little hiding places to take the occasional break without the boss noticing.

Four out of her four employees are acting out in one form of mutiny or another.  Even I, being the fifth, am starting to not like her.  If I was a boss, I’d hate to be in the situation.  She’s lucky we’re just security guards & not cops.

You can’t really expect the staff to walk for eight hours straight & not sit down & get off their feet for a second.  But that is exactly what the boss, Type-A, is mandating, & since she is the boss & doesn’t feel the need to do it on her own she has a little mutiny on her hands.

So all of that, more or less, is going into the report that the big bosses asked me to write.  I’m very happy about it, I’d hate to be in a situation where I’m spilling the beans about my co-workers.  It’s much better to be ratting out the boss to the bosses, that frees me from guilt.

I don’t think my bosses are being too intelligent here.  If all the employees have the same complaints than it’s probably the employees that you should be listening to.  But I guess, as members of management, they feel the need to keep together & wanted to be sure.

In any case, take this as a lesson.  If you are a manager, lead from the front & don’t ask your employees to do the shit that you can’t be bothered to do.  That’s the style of leadership that makes a little mutiny, especially when you take away breaks on top of things.  You might think it’s motivational, efficient, & a great management technique, but I was asked to write this report because the complaints are potentially hazardous to the company & the employees are acting like they are on the Bounty.  That’s not the type of situation you want to be in if you’re a boss of any type.

So..I’ve walked 120 miles in three days.  I know this thanks to our counter.  I’m a dead man, my calves are so swollen that they are threatening to rip my skin, my knees are killing, & my fat ass has been rubbed raw.  So I’m keeping this short, I have another 8 hours of walking tomorrow.  I’m taking it easy today.


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