I’ve always wanted to be gainfully employed.

I’m employed again, in case you were wondering, but it’s pretty far from gainful.  One day, before I get too old to work & am forced to kill myself because I’m too poor for medical care & don’t want to starve, I’d like to have a job that will allow me the money to rent a studio apartment.  It might be a pipe dream for a man with a masters degree, but a small & cramped studio apartment is currently my American dream.

It’s a very interesting job I’m working.  I’m getting paid absolute shit to guard rich people.  I wonder how they can possibly feel safe when they employee armed people at minimum wage to protect them while they sleep in their mansions.

At any rate, a few years back when I was actually gainfully employed I took my dad to Chicago’s Holocaust Museum for his birthday.  Fine, technically it’s Skokie’s Holocaust Museum, but I’m pretty sure most of you aren’t from Chicago & probably don’t know the difference between Chicago & Skokie.  it was really a very thoughtful, albeit morbid birthday present.  My father shares my fascination for history & when you travel deep enough down the historic rabbit hole, the morbid & depressing are just fascinating.

We saw a lot of cool & interesting things there.  But the thing that drew the most conversation was the video of the Nazis killing the Jews in Czechoslovakia.  The Jews just walked calmly towards the pit & let the Nazis shoot them in the back of their heads.  They didn’t try to run, they didn’t attempt to go down swinging, they didn’t even turn around & make the Nazi bastards look them in the eye before they murdered them.

Have some self-respect for fucks sake!!! If a Nazi is dragging you out of your house to be shot, the least you can do is look him in the eye when he kills you.  If you are not going to do the rational thing & attempt to drag him to hell along with you, the least you can do is force him to look at you.  Let him know he is killing a human being.  Make him know he is killing another human being.  If you’re not going to fight back you better turn around & make sure it’s your face he sees glaring at him in the hours before sleep every night for the rest of his life.

It should be a lesson that humanity learned a long time ago.  If an army is going to kill you, put up a fucking fight.  You’re dead either way, go out with some self-respect.

The Czech Jews in the video didn’t go out with a fight, they walked calmly & quietly into the night.  Some people might find that dignified & respectable.  I just think it’s stupid & submissive.

The last thing you want to be when you’re thrust into that situation is submissive.  Sure, they’d probably lose if they put up a fight, the odds are they will lose.  But at least they have that small hope of victory.  When you are submissive like that the odds go from slime to none to a 100% guarantee that you will lose.  It’s basic sports logic, if you don’t play you won’t win & a war like that is not a war you want to lose.

The Czech Jews in the video should not have been dignified in their deaths.  They should have been angry.

In case no one has told you, you have the right to be angry.

You should be angry, I mean, you are at war, if you want it or not, & war kind of runs hand-in-hand with anger.  I mean, two countries don’t go to war because they are getting along.  The Hatfields & the McCoy’s weren’t killing each other because they were the bestest of best friends.  People feud & countries war because they are angry.

The same can be said about classes.  We are in a class war.  There’s no shame in admitting it.  It’s a fact.  You should really be a class warrior.  I mean, sure, I’m a pacifist, to an extent, but that only goes so far.  I really don’t want to kill anybody, but at the same time, if it’s them or me, I’d be a fool not to fight back.

What we’re doing here in America–no–check that–what we are doing pretty much the world over is acting like the Czech Jews.  We’re simply turning around & calmly letting the fascist shoot us in the back of the head because we’re too dignified to grow a pair & don’t want to have the “class warrior” label.

If you’re Jewish, please don’t take offense, I am well aware that most Jews have balls.  Tuvia Bielski had balls.  Abba Kovner had balls.  Both of those are great examples of the way we as a society are supposed to act when we’re at war.

We are so not doing that & our economy is suffering for it.  There is a class war going on the world over the upper class is fighting it & most Americans are convinced that it would be bad form to fight back.  Some how we’re all convinced that it is better to walk calmly over to the mass grave & let the Nazi shoot us in the back of the head than it is to scream & yell & kick & do our level best to make it as big of a pain in the ass as humanly possibly for those bastards to kill us.

When someone is bringing you over to a mass grave throwing a temper tantrum is pretty fucking far from childish.  It’s actually the appropriate action.

The conservatives, the TEA Party, & to a lesser extent the Libertarians are using the slogan “We Are the 53%” as a response to those among us with the common sense to not go quietly into the night.  It represents the 53% of Americans that make enough money to pay federal taxes.  In typical Conservative fashion it’s meant as an insult to the 99% & it’s meant as an insult to the 47% that are unemployed & underemployed.  The conservatives that claim to be the 53% do so with pride & they look down on those that aren’t rich enough to pay taxes.

I really like that slogan, it points out the epic problem that America is facing.  47% of our population are not getting paid enough to make the minimum amount needed to pay taxes.  That is one big fucking problem.  It’s not the 47% that are the problem, they are simply the product of the problem.  The problem is the job deficit.  Everyone is focusing on the national deficit in the budget, but it’s really the job deficit & the pay deficit that is causing all the problems.  When 47% of your population is unemployed, or like me, currently working a job that pays so little I don’t get taxed & can’t even afford a small shitty studio apartment, you’re economy is going to suck.  It’s a simple fact.

The reason is the Law of Supply & Demand.  You see it works for labor too, Adam Smith even said so.  Thanks to globalization supply & demand can be played with labor as well.  It sucks, I know, I mean, how are we in America going to compete with people getting paid starvation wages as they work in factories that don’t have to meet the minimum safety regulations?

We simply can’t.  When corporations can outsource jobs & shift them around so one labor force competes against another they can drive wages down to the rock bottom.  It creates an enormous surplus of labor, thus the demand for employees falls, thus the wages fall, thus the principle cost of manufacturing drops to less than it cost the Antebellum Southern States to keep a slave fed, housed, & clothed, adjusted for 2012 dollars.

This is why the countries that are doing best are the countries that are the most isolationist when it comes to labor.  If you don’t export your jobs than your people are still gainfully employed.  If your people are gainfully employed than they can pay taxes.

But it goes beyond just the ability for the population to pay taxes.  We are living on a global planet & the same law of supply & demand that is currently fucking labor are also hurting the businesses & individuals that are waging a class war.  You see, we Americans are greedy little bitches, we are the biggest consumer nation on the planet, & when you make American labor compete against Asian sweatshops than the world’s biggest buyers cannot afford to buy.

When American’s can’t buy your widgets you business will fail.  Ultimately, as the corporations are conducting their class war on the middle & lower classes in their effort to accumulate all the wealth at the top & drive down the cost of labor on a global level to absolutely nothing at all, the very people that they depend on to buy their widgets & use their services can no longer afford to do so.

That’s also the reason why Empires implode long before Alaric comes steaming into Rome with an army of the poor that are armed to the teeth, starving to death, & looking to kill the bastards that put them in the poor house.

It’s just the way things work.

The only war where you don’t have to chose sides is a race war.  This isn’t a race war.  This is a class war.  When you refuse to chose sides in a class war it is tantamount to joining the side of the very people that are ass-raping you with a red-hot poker.

You should be angry, you should be kicking & screaming & throwing a temper tantrum as the Nazis drag you to a mass grave.  In a situation like this, the only shameful thing you can do is give up without a fight.  Be openly hostile, get in their faces, clog the streets of the cities, the country is built on you.

Your anger is a gift.

And you know what?  You have every right to fight.  It’s written into the Constitution.  It’s the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

You know that part about the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  That’s your Constitutional right to fight back.  That is the reason that was added to the Constitution.  That’s the reason why it is there in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.  We had just fought an Aristocracy, the founding fathers were the left wing radicals of their time.  They wanted the people to fight when they were about to lose their freedoms.

So fuck it, it’s your right to fight back.

What would you rather do?  Walk quietly & easily to the mass grave & wait patiently for the Nazi to shoot you in the back of the head?  Or make it as hard as humanly possible for him to murder you, your neighbors, & your children?


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