I got a job.

Hold your applause.  I’ve worked this job before.  I’ve worked for this temp agency before.  It’s nothing to write home about. I’ve worked there twice before.

They called me at 9:45 PM & asked if I was looking for work again.  I said “yes” at least it’s money coming in, or rather, it’s money eventually coming in.

You don’t see your first pay check until you’ve been working there for six weeks & they pay is not a penny more than minimum wage, not nearly enough to afford to move out of my parent’s house.  Not nearly enough to afford even a cheap studio in this area, at least not without a roommate.  But it’s money coming in, at least it’s something.

The hours are 6AM to 6PM if I’m lucky to get on the day shift and 6PM to 6AM if they throw me on nights again.  You get one fifteen minute break in the twelve hour shift.  It’s a paid break & I’ve seen people get fired for asking for the lunch break that is their legal right as an American Citizen.  But what are you going to do?  You’ll spend more money trying to find a lawyer to fight for you while you are unemployed than getting your rights as an American Citizen.

The best part is how the pay scale works out.  You get paid 8.25 an hour, but each day they take out 5 for the cost of laundry of the lab coats, 3 dollars a day for the rubber gloves, & another 3 a day for the hair nets.  It costs 11 dollars just to show up for work, so the first hour on the job you are literally working for free as you’re making pharmaceuticals that are sold for a 500% mark-up.

You are not allowed to show up if you are sick, but if you call in they will simply let you go.  See you latter, we can get another desperate sap to come in & take your hours for nothing.  A month before they fired the last group of temps, or at least the last group that I was a part of, I saw a kid get canned for puking all over the drugs.  They lost about 65K in profits because he showed up to work with the flu as opposed to losing his bull shit job.

So it goes.  But I had promised myself that I would never, ever work there again.  Desperate times & all that. The place preys on the desperate & people like me keep going back there just to make ends meet.  They keep you on for three months & then let you go just before they have to start paying off benefits, then bring in the next group.  My second time there they didn’t even bother to put us through training, we had all worked there at least once before.  Desperation & all that.  Desperation makes you take a lot of really shit jobs.  I’d almost rather not work there, but I need a job & am willing to take just about anything.

Still, I was hoping for that position at the online school, I was hoping they would get back to me.  18 an hour beats the hell out of 8.25.  8 hour shifts with actual breaks & a lunch beat the hell out of 12 & a 15 minute break.  Not having to pay to go to work beats the hell out of having to pay 11 dollars, & that temp agency told me I’d get paid every other week with the first pay check after my first two weeks.  A pay check in two weeks beats the hell out of a pay check in a month & a half.  But desperate times & all that.  I’m not to proud to my back on a little bit on even a little bit of money, even if the owners are criminal.

At least it’s money coming in, at least it’ll buy me a hair cut in 6 weeks & give me the money for dry cleaning.




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