Thanks to my age group I know a lot of Jens.  I also know a lot of Brian’s, David’s, & Steph’s.  In fact, between the ages of 17 & 18 I dated a Jen, a Jenny, & a Jennifer all completely different women.

One of these Jen’s sent me one of her YouTube videos with a little note about how shocked I’d be about the hidden nefarious truth behind the Federal Reserve System.

She’s a Libertarian.  She is a Black Helicopter Libertarian.  She hates the Feds.

She hates them even more now that she has heard the the United Nations mandated that the United States create the Fed to help bring about the NWO.  NO, before you ask I’m not going to link to the video.  I really don’t want to be responsible for pushing that one around.

I’m wondering how to respond to this.

No, that’s not true, at the moment I am wondering how much of an ass I want to be when I respond to this.

Do I simply & politely point out that the UN wasn’t founded until after World War Two & the Fed was around well before the end of World War I?  Or should I be an ass & say that the real ominous thing about the video is how willy-nilly  the Freemasons seem to be with their flex capacitor?    That to me seems like the most shocking part of the video.

Jen sends me a lot of videos about the Freemasons.  She even posts them on Facebook & shoots her mouth off about them in public.

Jen better be careful, if they find out they might make it so that her parents never kiss at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

I am very happy she isn’t a Jen that I dated in the past.

I’ve attempted to do the history teacher thing & sit her down and say:

“Listen Jen, you’ve heard of Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, the XYZ Affair, Iran-Contra, PBSUCCESS, JMWAVE, MKULTRA, E. Howard Hunt, Oliver North, clearly our country is not very good at keeping secrets.  If there was really shit like this happening & it was really that secret, everyone would know about it.  This is America, Jen, we can’t keep out mouths shut about anything.”

That tactic really didn’t work.  I’m running out of ideas here.  How do you take a friend that you’ve known since high school & tell them that they are a fucking idiot?  Someone needs to do it, she’s a single mother, she has two children, & she is home schooling them.  That is a frightening prospect for our future.  I’m sure there are other people like her & I’m sure that thought is going to give me nightmares for a week.

Seriously, I haven’t been that naive & unquestioning since I was five & my cousin told me to lick the flag pole…I think some of my skin is still on it.


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