My little sister just chewed me out, after she picked up her son, for mooching off her tax dollars.

Thanks to propaganda, my little sister & brother-in-law will honestly call me up & yell at me for being one of the forty-seven percent that are destroying America.

That’s almost half the country.  When you can group half the country into an unemployed mass that wants to leech off the good honest hard working productive people.  There’s a series problem that goes beyond laziness.  The generally means the problem is larger than the individuals you have massed together.  It also generally means you are a douche bag with no common sense.  Little sister included.

How do you explain to your conservative family members that you really aren’t trying to free-load.  Listen, man, I had a job, I had a very good job, a job that put me in the middle class, until you shut it down & opened up a for profit school.  Since then it’s been a pain in the ass to find work, any work & truth be told, the longer it takes you to find work the harder it gets to find work.

Companies value job stability.  I’ve had five temp-to-fire jobs in four-years.  I can put them on my resume but, as I’ve been told, that would look worse than not putting them on my resume.  Temp jobs will give businesses the impression that you can’t hold a job while big gaps in your employment history give companies the impression that you are undesirable.

So yes, it’s pretty hard to find a good job today.  You can look at me as a drain on society all you want, brother-in-law & sister, but lets face it guys, I would kill to have a decent job.

But then again, you looked at me as a drain on tax dollars when I was teaching in the inner city.  Funny how that happens, a good teaching position, like the one my sister holds, in a public school, in a rich suburb is OK.  A job teaching gang-bangers in inner city Chicago & trying to make a serious difference there is a drain on tax dollars.

As far as they were concerned I was a drain on society even when I was employed.

And yes, there ARE some things I really like about living with my parents.  For starters, there is someone else in the place with me.  It’s been a while since I had either a live in girl-friend or a roommate, I honestly forget how nice it was to have another human being around, even if Mom & Dad aren’t the game & beer types.  I also like the food, I can’t cook, my last job fired me for asking what saute meant.  She cooks better than I can microwave.

But over all, no it sucks living with mom & dad at this age.  It kills both your sex & social lives.  It’s a drain on your self-esteem.  You can’t smoke in their house (but then I can’t afford to anyway).  And Mom has really severe OCD & that is a hard ass thing to live with & the principle reason why I really respect y father.  I don’t know if I could live with someone that wanted the ceiling swept three times a week.  I certainly couldn’t stay married to a woman that segregated towels by gender of the last user in the laundry room.

So yes, given the choice, I would rather have a job & be out on my own again.

But how do you explain that to the family members that look at you & believe everything the TEA Party has been saying about the evil unemployed people.

You aren’t even looking for a job.

But I had three interviews this week.

You’re mooching off the government,

But I was denied welfare, thanks in part to my master’s degree.

My favorite was during the Bush Administration when I was am UnAmerican terrorist.  I’m still UnAmerican, but they dropped the whole “terrorist” bit when we stopped having color coated days mandated to enhance our fear.  I’m not even sure what that means, UnAmerican.

I used to date an Indian chick (dot not feather) she was a Muslim terrorist then, & in there eyes still is a Muslim terrorist.  Despite the fact that she’s, you know, a Hindu.  They had gotten to the point where they were unable to make the distinction between an Abrahamic Religion and a polytheistic religion.  I suppose they have an excuse, they honestly couldn’t tell you what either word means & I know my sister doesn’t know what a Hindu was, or at least didn’t when she confronted my little pagan girlfriend about Sharia Law.

She wasn’t raised to be a racist.  And as she got older you could see the change, her friends slowly became only white.  Black people slowly became wards of the state, Latinos were all illegal, despite the Mexican family that lived across the street from us & were our favorite playmates before they moved away in ’94.  All brown people became Muslims.  All Asians were either Chinese or Japanese & I know for a fact she knows that Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & a number of other countries exist, I taught them to her when she was a little girl.

What makes them so openly hostile?  It’s a serious question, especially since I spent a lot of my sister’s youth looking after her & taking care of her.  Our parent’s weren’t anywhere near rich & in order to put food on the table the parental responsibilities often fell to me when they were both at work.  I could usually count on baby-sitting her on my Saturday’s as a child.

I partly blame myself for her open hostility towards individuals she had never taken the time to get to know.

Part of it I think is how her life unfolded.  I had the choice between myself & my sister in college, so I worked two jobs to pay my way through it so she could go for free.  She inherited an entire house when grandma died, a house she certainly couldn’t afford, not in the community it was located, & holds it in high praise.  It’s her house & if you didn’t know my family history you would think that she & her husband worked themselves to the bone to pay for it.

Is that where the open hostility comes from?  An education that was handed to her, a house that was handed to her?  The fact her husband comes from some money, not rich, but certainly upper-middle class.

My parents & I worked our asses off for everything we achieved in our lives & there’s no way we’d talk to people like that.  OK, my mother does hate the English, but that is a cultural racism she was raised with.

Why doesn’t the sun set on the British Empire?  Because you can’t trust the fuckers in the dark.

Or can my brother-in-law & little sister justify their hatred only because they are fueled on a daily basis by people telling them that it is OK to hate & that their outbursts towards myself & others are justified?  Does the television & radio & what they take in from the talking heads help to guide their world view?

If so, how does that explain my father?  He loves Ed Schultz, he watches his show on MSNBC & listens to him on the radio.  He’s an Ed Schultz addict.  Ed Schultz is every bit the ass hole that Rush is, only, you know, a liberal ass hole with a small waist band & no drug addiction, but an ass hole nonetheless.  My father wouldn’t attack people like that, not unless he knows them well enough to know they deserve it.

But then, she was never in any trouble as a teenager.  She never went through that rebellious age.  She never did any drugs & she never maintained a 4.0.  I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

Could the open hostility be because she never experienced that “fuck you authority” phase that normal teenagers progress through?  I know her brother-in-law was a bully in high school, he picked on one of my sister’s old boyfriends.  To me bullies see themselves as Authority, I’ve never been a bully before, a stoner maybe, a dork, a comic book fan-boy, but certainly never a bully.  My sister used to beg to be in charge when Mom left for work at five in the afternoon & was a real pain-in-the ass when she thought she was the boss.  Could the hostility be from a love of authority?

Or is it the fact that they just aren’t too bright?  I’d hate to say it about my own sister, but she still hasn’t moved out of the pre-teen novel stage.  You know, those books about dragons & princesses with large print that are written for the 12-14 year-old group?  She reads those.  And she got a BA in education, that’s not a feat by any stretch of the imagination, I have an M.Ed, you don’t have to think too hard to get a Masters in Education, you can be an idiot & get through college with a degree in education.  And my brother-in-law didn’t even try to apply.

Is it because they don’t bother to ask questions about society that allows them to accuse a Hindu of trying to institute Sharia Law in America?  Or that gives them the right to yell at me for hunting for a job, or rather, not being able to land a decent enough job?

Where does the justification for that kind of action come from?  Mom was a good old southern girl & and Army brat, I can promise you that we weren’t raised like that.  We were raised to mind our sirs & ma’ams, shit, I still pride myself on being that polite to total strangers.  Being polite, like mom & dad raised us to be, is what I would consider to be my best feature.

Where did my little sister lose that?  We were raised in a very political family, but there was always a line, when you argues it all you were doing was arguing politics, you were still expected to be polite.  Actually, in my family, you were ALWAYS expected to be polite, even when you were screaming at each other in a mad rage.  Trust me, it can be done, you should watch my parents yell at one another.


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