I have a fair few Libertarian friends, friends that look at Ron & Rand Paul as the only sane choice for America, friends that see Ayn Rand as the philosophical savior of the United States…despite the fact that she looked like Joe Pesci.  But looks have little to do with it.

Now some of these Libertarians believe things that make my head spin.  They believe that the UN created the Federal Reserve to bring about a new World Order–despite the chronological problems that come with that theory.  They believe in Agenda 21, they believe in the Illuminati, they believe that everyone in New Orleans was rounded up post Katrina & executed in FEMA concentration camps, they believe that the Free Masons are a secret society bent on global domination. They believe in some very crazy shit.

I know a few Free Masons.  One of them is a tattoo artist and biker in Savannah Georgia.  He is certainly NOT the type of man that wears a dark hood & plots such nefarious things as global domination & the execution of innocent civilians in concentration camps.  He’s part of the Couch Surfing Network, he’s a bear-huger, he’s proud of his Harley & he’s far more likely to buy you a drink than he is to plot the death of someone.  He’s really a great guy, I spent a week sleeping on his couch.

Of course, there are some that steadfastly do not buy into this load of horse shit.  But even they agree on a few things, they agree that since I have a degree in history I clearly know less about it than they do.  This belief stems form the fact that they believe that, as a teacher, I was indoctrinated into the socialist agenda of global domination & was, while teaching history, a willing participate in the brainwashing of American youth so that they too will blindly follow the new fascist/communist regime.  They believe in home schooling.

They also don’t know that communist & fascists have, historically, been mortal enemies.  They take great pains to deny that fact & they generally look at the Nazi Party as evidence that communists & fascists are one in the same.  It’s because of two words: “National Socialist.”  I hate Nazis, everyone hates Nazis, especially Illinois Nazis.  The fact that the Nazis sent communists to the concentration camps before the Jews is lost on them.

But then, nearly half of them believe that Hitler & Stalin were allies throughout the war.  The battle of Kursk never took place & they didn’t become mortal enemies each bent on the other’s destruction.  These facts are not facts to some Libertarians, these facts are lies perpetrated by myself & revisionist historians.

These people believe in home schooling, probably because they are told to believe in home schooling, probably because it fits in nicely with their revolutionary stance to end all taxes & regulations.  Probably because it allows them to teach their children the same sourceless history that they themselves learned from Youtube.

Did you know that Youtube can give you a better education about history & the economy than college can?  Neither did I, but they assure me that it is true.

They also, almost universally agree that all labor regulations should be abolished.  They agree that all taxes should be abolished, they agree that all environmental regulations should be abolished.

Argue with them for a little while, take your time.  If you ask them some of the obvious questions they counter with some pretty insane logic.

Weren’t the laws forbidding child labor put in place to end child labor?  Of course not, companies didn’t use child labor until the regulations forced them to.


But, weren’t the laws forcing a safe working condition put in place to keep companies from firing employes injured by working in unsafe environments & to keep workplace causalities as low as possible?  Oh no, that’s revisionist history, before regulations sweatshops didn’t exist & the captains of industry had the safest workplaces the world has ever seen, it was the regulations that made them cut corners & caused unsafe working conditions.

Libertarians can’t properly follow a time line.  Apparently factories only poisoned the water & air after the regulations to prevent them form doing it forced them to do so in order to maintain a profit.

Profit, profit, profit.

John Adams, when he was arguing against slavery, was accused of making the word “property” sound dirty.  Before that, when he was attempting to persuade the Southern States to sign the Deceleration of Independence, he was accused of making the word “profit” sound dirty.  This was mainly because he used both to point out that the Southern Representatives (largely) were following their own best interests,  John Adams was a fiery bastard, but he was right.

And the Libertarians are right to, in their own way, when they push for their economic policy.  America has followed that policy before.  You can look it up.  And when America was following that policy it saw it’s greatest increase of GDP in the pre-World War II history.  This is due to the fact that there were no regulations.

BUT…& there is always a but…& you can look this one up too.  The city of Philadelphia issued a report calling for a minimum wage & safer working conditions & better living conditions before any of those came into the national debate.  At the time the city, including the pathetic over-crowded flats, was owned nearly entirely by two massively rich individuals.  The water was poison to drink, the company housing projects were festering with all manners of nasty illnesses, & child labor was rampant.

The city called for regulations because, in six months time, due to work hours, unsafe conditions, & poor housing they had lost the equivalent of the causalities inflicted on both the Union & Confederate forces at the Battle of Gettysburg. If it wasn’t for the massive wave of immigration caused by the potato famine than the city would have been depopulated.

True story.

Libertarians hold the belief that if we get rid of the laws that keep you safe in the work place, minimum wage laws, & the regulations that keep children from working, than the world will be a better place.  They believe that without these laws work places will be safer, hours shorter, wages higher, & children safe from working.

History has proven otherwise.  The fact is, Atlas has shrugged in America & the “productive people” are fleeing the country, or at least their factories are.  They are moving over seas so that they can have the same horrible work places that Americans fought so hard to end here in the United States.  And if we lift the regulations they will come back & so will the sweat shops & child labor, & poor working conditions that are maiming & killing so many thousands of people, & children, in Asia each week.

But wait, there’s more.  They also believe that taxes are very bad.  They believe that institutions like libraries, police forces, fire departments, & public schools are bad.

They also believe that without taxes the roads will still exist, the system will still be maintained.  Libertarians, apparently in their zeal to reject education, have neglected to look at what happened to the infrastructure that Rome had put in place after the empire fell & there was no institution in place to collect the taxes necessary to maintain the infrastructure, but there were still a shit ton of filthy rich private entities collecting their own brand of taxation not unlike the factory stores of old.

It was a time where people became serfs to their lords, who owned the property they worked & kept them in poverty.  They are shooting for that type of deregulation.  Only updated for the bold new Randian world.

As the song goes:  You load fifteen tons, what do you get, another day older & deeper in debt, Saint Peter don’t you call me because I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store…but then, to the libertarian, I suppose this old American folk song was recently written by revisionist historians.

Pinochet, in Chile, attempted to follow this same economic policy.  He privatized everything, the rich got much, much richer & the poor got much much poorer.  In fact, they got so poor that libraries, schools, & roads, that had been transferred into the hands of private businesses lost millions of dollars in profit.  His people became so poor they couldn’t afford to pay things like elementary school & ride buses.

In the end, Pinochet switched back to a more regulated economy.  He was facing a major uprising & had to reverse the system that destroyed his country & fast, otherwise he would have lost his life & America would have lost control of Chile.  We have since started to gradually adopt his failed economic policies & the Libertarians think we are moving too slowly in that direction.

Don’t take my word for it, look it up…but not on youtube.  Go to the library, look it up in a book with citations, a book where you can trace where the information came from.  A book that you can fact check with government documents & real life testimonies.  Anyone can write whatever they want on the internet, I mean you are reading my blog.

But you see, that’s the problem with people that reject history, they have nothing to check their beliefs on.  History is a useful subject, it allows you to see what happened when the concepts & ideas were attempted in the past, & you are not that original, I don’t care who you are.  If you dig a little in the library you’ll find your idea, you’ll be able to see what parts of it have worked & what parts failed & find out why.  History is a great resource.

A wise man once said that if you don’t know your history you are like a child, anyone can tell you anything & you will believe it.


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