Sorry, I used to be a teacher, I sort of have a thing against children getting killed.

As a teacher you learn to develop lines.  There are things that you would never dream of saying in front of a student, or a parent, or a fellow teacher.  “Rape is my anti-drug,” is clearly one of those things.  That’s a very hard line.  As a teacher you are sternly anti-drug & against the legalization of it in any way shape or form.

But we’re not in a classroom, & to be honest, in this current environment, my chances of landing another teaching job are slim to none.  There is a war on teachers & a war on history & I’m at the losing end of both.  So fuck it.

Rape is my anti-drug.


How can I say that?  I must be an asshole.  Rape is a terrible thing.  I’m not joking here either, rape IS a terrible thing.  Rapists should be locked away in jail for the rest of their lives.  But you know what?  There are worse things out there than rape.  Murder is the top of the bunch, in fact, I’d say that there is nothing worse than murder, I’d even go so far as to say that murder is far worse than even child molestation, which many murders think is horrible & unthinkable.  Murder is certainly the worst possible thing you can do,

The statement “Rape is my anti-drug,” has been around since high school.  A friend of mine popped out that little nugget of joy when we were sitting around in a basement smoking dope & watching TV.  “What if something horrible was my anti-drug,” he said as he took a hit off our poorly rolled joint, followed by, “rape is my anti-drug.”  Of course, he was only talking about weed & mushrooms, but once you got beyond the shock of his statement he made a pretty good point.

The man who said that, by & by, was high out of his mind & around16 years old.  Today he is a Nuclear Physicist.  No fooling, he’s a well respected doctor in his field which is a field that I will never understand.  I’d say he’s a genus, but then, he was totally confused when I tried to explain to him the finer details of the Cold War.  Or at least the politics behind it.

I’ll admit it, I used to do a lot of drugs.  All of my friends did.  But I was never addicted to anything worse than tobacco & I maintained a 4.0 & two jobs despite the fact that I would occasionally dabble in LSD when I had the occasional down time.  And sure, I might have gotten high out of my mind before I went into my favorite classes, I might have once been able to get stoned & read, understand, & then write a paper on the economic principles as dictated by Adam Smith in the Wealth of Nations.

But again, I got a 4.0.  Now I don’t even drink, I can’t afford to waste the money on a beer.  I have to get a job.  And though I have friends that still smoke dope, a Harvard educated Attorney, a Nuclear Physicists, a record store clerk, a social service worker, a drug councilor, & yes, a rape councilor, I haven’t personally indulged for a very long time.

I haven’t touched it mainly because I had a job teaching in inner city Chicago.  At that school there were a lot of drugs, just like my high school, but there were also a lot of guns.  There was, in fact, a lot of violence, & when the school down the street was closed & the class rooms were filled with sometimes up to 60 students, there was even more violence.

It sucks teaching in a school with one gang, but when you mix two rival gangs together things go straight down hill.  In fact because one school closed we became over-crowded & our resources over stretched, so they closed us down too.  That way they can close down the next school after us & so on until only the private schools that parent’s can’t afford & that leave kids out on the streets will be the only ones that remain open.

But that is a different story.

We are talking about horrible shit at the moment, shit even worse than school closings.  We are talking about rape & murder, sheer bloody murder.

Now I don’t know if you understand this or not, but some of the high school kids I was teaching made more money than I did.  They would have dropped out, but dealing to the other kids in class was too lucrative of a business venture to kept them in the classroom.  As a teacher, unless you catch them in the act, you can’t do shit to the little bastards.

I don’t use the term “little bastards” lightly.  They were gang bangers that thought nothing of killing someone else, or of getting a formally good student with a bright future addicted to heroin.  It’s a public school, unless you have strong evidence you can’t kick them out or punish them in any way & if you do catch them, it gets you another point for the “failing” list.  So it goes.

These kids were part of gangs & these gangs got most of their money from selling drugs.  These gangs also allowed female members.  Now if you were a male, you got off easy, your future gang banging buddies would simply circle around you & kick the shit out of you for an initiation, then, after you randomly beat the shit out of some poor innocent person that wasn’t involved in any of the chaos, you were allowed into the gang.

If you were a women, however, & you wanted to join the gang you simply had to be gang-raped into it.

Rape is my anti-drug.

It was madness.  What is going on there is madness & it is fueled by the sale of drugs.  Sure, Chicago might have been notorious for gun violence & shootings when there was a strict prohibition of booze.  But the prohibition of alcohol was nothing compared to the prohibition of drugs.

Let’s face it, illegal drugs make gangs rich, they are the reason why the gangs have the money to operate.  Illegal drugs lock addicts up rather than putting them through rehabilitation & give the gangs the money & power that they need to kill each other & innocent by standers.

Sure rape is a horrible thing, but last Friday a 1-year-old girl was shot in her crib, a victim of a stray bullet in a gangland shooting over drug territory.  Now that is a truly horrible fucking thing to hear about.

I’d take drugs over rape & child murder any day of the week.

The thing is, if you make pot legal it won’t do shit to stop the violence, but if you just go out & make recreational drugs legal then how are these gangs going to get their money & power?

In fact, you can use the money to educate people about drugs & help addicts through rehab.

Let’s face it, I never touched cocaine, heroin, or crack because I knew they were addicting & I didn’t want to deal with that shit.  They were certainly around my school, they were very easy to get my hands on, but I & my friends opted for the stuff that wouldn’t get us addicted, the shit we knew we wouldn’t over-dose on.  We opted for the drugs that weren’t dangerous.  We did this because we were educated about it.

We never killed or raped anyone.  But we also never sold drugs or joined a gang, or made thousands of dollars off of dealing smack to our fellow classmates.  The opportunity was there, but we were too smart to go down that road.

But in a poverty stricken area like the one I used to teach in, dealing drugs & killing people is a lot better than working at MacDonalds.  The drug trade allows you to keep a roof over your head & raise a family, a legit job with the opportunities they have simply doesn’t.  I’, seriously, the reason I’m living with my parents is because legit jobs are hard to come by & I’d feel lucky to have a fast-food job that doesn’t allow me the chance to support myself, despite having a BA & an M.Ed.

So let’s think about this rationally.  Let’s take away the drugs by the only way that has been proven by history to work.  Let’s make them all legal.  Let’s hit the gangs in the place that hurts the most, their pocket books.

Because when you get down to it, it’s better to be pro-drug than pro-murder, especially when the people doing the killing & getting killed are the people in your classroom…or your own children…or a One-year-old in a crib.


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