If you don’t vote you have no cause to complain.

Well that’s a load of Bull Shit.  I’ve voted in every election of my adult life & my situation has just gotten progressively worse with each ballot I cast.  If I hadn’t voted I’d be suffering through the exact same results.  I even put it through the test, we live in Chicagoland & my father & I haven’t voted for Obama since the alternate choice was Keyes & it hasn’t made a lick of difference.

Fuck Obama, he’s just Bush with a slightly hipper rap & a more attractive wife, better singing voice, better GPA, more talent, & a Nobel Peace Prize.  But once you take all that away he’s every bit the arms dealing, poor screwing, child murdering war criminal that old W was, only, you know, with bigger ears & a better singing voice.

No, the only thing that Obama has going for him over Bush is that the liberals in America defend him.  They will defend Afghanistan & pass the buck back to Bush, they’ll defend his first four-years of caving to the GOP & push the blame back to the TEA Party.  “Well it’s not Obama’s fault he didn’t step up to the plate & defend himself.”

Fuck that I might be a little hippie pacifist, but if I get the shit kicked out of me because I refused to fight back it’s my fault I got the shit kicked out of me.  You can preach higher principles all you want & tote how great it is to extend the hand of bipartisanship, but when you’re acting on higher principles as people die in a war, lose their jobs, & their taxes go to help the people that are screwing them, then guess what, you’re the asshole.  You can’t blame the Republicans for that, it’s your fault you didn’t bother to defend yourself.

I’m still hurting because you didn’t fight back Obama, because you still close schools down to over crowd other schools & deprive children of a free public education.  I’m screwed because you didn’t fight back & those children are screwed as well.

My dad didn’t vote for you because of NAFTA.  That’s when he gave up on playing the party game.  NAFTA was the straw that broke his back, made him throw his fist in the air & vote 3rd Party.  If the defenders of the Middle Class were going to pass laws to export Middle Class jobs then he was going to vote for which ever 3rd Party Candidate had the best chance of winning, even if it was Ross Perot.

I held on a little longer, I was a Democrat until the USA PATRIOT ACT.  That was my breaking point, up until then I was part of the fight to oust W for a Democrat….that is until the Democrats overwhelmingly supported Bush’s wars & an act that just raped the Bill of Rights.  That was a rude awakening for me. Those little bastards turned around & supported everything I thought we were rallying against.

“But…but….but I defended you guys!”  I felt like such a rube.

Fuck them.  I threw my fist in the air & marched away from that mess.  I had the impression that the GOP might be goose stepping morons, but I had no idea the Democrats were prepared to back them up every step of the way.  Legend has it that they got their slogan because someone called Andrew Jackson a jackass & he thought it was clever, well, he was a jackass & his party is following in his footsteps.  It won’t be long now before they join the GOP in support of a Middle Class Trail of Tears.

OK, that one was a stretch, it wasn’t funny.  Jokes about killing Indians might be as hysterical as jokes about Nazi’s & rape, but jokes that need that much of a set up & require the reader to wiki the punchline so they know what the hell I’m talking about are certainly NOT funny.  I won’t delete it, I’ll stand by my shitty joke.  The buck stops here.

The point is, despite my mother’s Old Irish wailing & her Kennedy worshiping cries that dad & I are just throwing our votes away & opening up the door for a GOP victory, Obama still won.  That’s because we live in Illinois, where the state is guaranteed blue & the dead still vote for Daley (when a Daley runs).  Had we not voted the results would have been the same.  And what the hell is she yelling at us for anyway, doesn’t she know her daughter & son-in-law are registered Republicans?

Go yell at them for once, they’re the evil bastards of the family.  When dad & I vote for a third party candidate she might be able to argue that it might be a vote for a Republican,  But when my sister & my brother-in-law vote for Republican it IS a vote for a Republican.  Her daughter has defected to the other side & she yells at us for voting for change.  Go get your daughter in line first, mom, leave us alone.  Just because she can’t tell the difference between the executive, judicial, & legislative branches doesn’t mean you can give her a free pass.

Relax mom, they live in Illinois, it doesn’t matter that they vote Republican, the state has already been called for the Dems.

Actually, I’m fairly certain that the results would have been the same if no one voted.  Really, honestly, you only had a say in this past election if you were living in a swing state & then you got the choice of a Republican that was going to shove an 18 inch red-hot poker up your ass, & a Democrat that was going to give you a tube of lube before he shoved an 18 inch red-hot poker up your ass.

The fact is, your vote doesn’t count, not in the least.  It doesn’t count because you don’t live in a swing state & even if you do it doesn’t count because one candidate is not much different from another & who gives a fuck because they have both been brought & paid-for by the same people.

It’s no wonder why people don’t vote.


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