I don’t blame the education system for my current situation, I blame politics & the voters.  After working a full time job, a part time job, & going to University full time straight through graduate school I had finally graduated prepared to enter my chosen profession.  Of course, by the time I did graduate, & was able to teach, the TEA Party had successfully turned the profession I spent so much time, hard work, & money developing the skills needed to work in field into enemies of the state.  Economic terrorists, if you will, & the Libertarians accused teachers (especially those teaching my subjects) of brainwashing the youth & indoctrinating them into communism all while Obama & the Democrats simply closed schools down.

In other words, by the time I had my graduate degree I was already fucked.  So it goes, as they say.  I was able to work for one year before the shit really hit the fan & have been fighting to keep my head above water ever since.   It was the perfect time to be over-educated & unemployed in America & in the years since my last & only teaching position I have held a few jobs, but none of them paid very well, none of them lasted very long, & none of them were career type jobs.  I had worked for 8 years at a photographic company, all through college, & even that had been devastated by the economy, cell phones, & big box stores.

The money ran out pretty soon &, last Sunday, I moved back in with Mommy & Daddy.  A single man of thirty, with absolutely no money & no real accomplishments.  Sure, I may have degrees & a drawer full of certifications that are only useful for the entry level positions that no longer exist, but here I am, for better or worse, living with mom & dad again & begging for jobs.

I certainly hope you enjoy the experience more than I do.


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